Davis happy to start 'Campaign for Champange'


Davis happy to start 'Campaign for Champange'

By A.Sherrod Blakely

BOSTON Glen Davis has an extra bounce to his step these days, and the reason is obvious -- it's playoff time!

Whether he's the Big Ticket Stub or some other fictitious nickname he conjures up for himself, there's no mistaking how amped up he gets for games this time of year.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said this new and improved Davis first surfaced in the second half of Boston's loss at Washington on Monday.

"He's had that sad look on his face for about two weeks," Rivers said. "Then he changed. Now he's playing the game . . . there's sunshine when you look at Baby instead of a dark cloud. That's nice."

Although Davis has shown the ability to put up big scoring numbers, he's at his best for the Celtics when he's doing the little things such as taking charges, getting deflections and forcing taller players to shoot further away from the basket than they want.

"He is a big intangibles guy. That's just who he is," Rivers said. "It's tough for an intangibles guy who is really good, to stay into that instead of thinking, 'Tonight I'm going to do this' . . . when he just comes out and throws his body around and plays hard, he's terrific for our basketball team."

And it's not a coincidence that Davis' improved focus comes with the playoffs right around the corner.

When asked to explain why he seems to love the playoffs so much, Davis said, "I would think just the fact that making your own footprint in history. People don't see that, but I see that a lot."

The Celtics tradition of winning championships -- 17 and counting -- is something not lost on Davis, one of five remaining players from the 2008 championship team.

"Playing for a team like the Celtics, going out there doing something great . . . I'll be sitting back, fat on a farm, turn on NBA TV and look at myself 30 years ago," Davis said. "I think that's what it's about."

Davis' thinking along historical lines goes much deeper.

Shortly after Wednesday's 112-102 win over New York, Davis returned to the locker room and one of his first thoughts was on Game Seven of the NBA Finals last season in which the Celtics came up short against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"It felt like it was yesterday," Davis said. "And now it's like, we're back again."

Davis added, "I'm starting my Campaign for Champagne; trying to get (Banner) 18."

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