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C’s get a ‘C’ in Sports Illustrated offseason grades

C’s get a ‘C’ in Sports Illustrated offseason grades

Andrew Sharp of Sports Illustrated really likes Paul George…and Markelle Fultz.

The Celtics’ not landing them earns Boston a “C” grade from Sharp in his offseason report cards for NBA teams.

The Celtics missing out on George, who was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder (earning them an "A" from Sharp) and the trades of No. 1 pick Fultz to the Philadelphia 76ers and Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons dropped Sharp's grade.

The acquisition of free agent Gordon Hayward gives Boston “a poor man’s version of Paul George,” he writes.

Here’s more from his assessment: 

“Without Paul George they’re not all that well positioned to contend next year, and without Fultz, the young core still doesn’t have any player who looks like a future superstar,” Sharp wrote. “The only guarantee is that arguments about the Celtics will continue for at least another few years. This is our new version of the Sixers. Everyone in basketball has an opinion on what the Celtics are doing with their assets, why they’re doing it, and whether it’s stupid or brilliant. I’m just not sure it needed to be this complicated.”

And in dealing Bradley, Sharp writes that the Celtics “traded a shooting guard who helps Isaiah Thomas hide his biggest weakness” i.e. I.T.’s defense. 

Celtics Storylines: Four factors that will impact ball movement


Celtics Storylines: Four factors that will impact ball movement

Since Brad Stevens arrived in Boston, sharing the ball has been a strength of the Celtics. But this is a different season and a different roster.

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Photo of Celtics' 1963 White House visit recalls a simpler time


Photo of Celtics' 1963 White House visit recalls a simpler time

As the controversy raged Saturday over President Donald Trump's tweet rescinding the White House invitation to Golden State Warriors' star Stephen Curry, a tweeted photo recalling a simpler time for sports team's presidential visits appeared. 

The nostalgic Twitter account @the_60s_at_50 posted a photo from the Celtics' visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and its principal occupant, John F. Kennedy, on Jan. 31, 1963. JFK had invited his hometown NBA team into the Oval Office for what seemed to be a spur-of-the-moment visit.

A newspaper account of the visit was also posted. The defending NBA champion Celtics were in the Washington area to play the Cincinnati Royals at the University of Maryland's Cole Field House that night and had been taking a tour of the White House when Kennedy invited them in. 

All the team members were there except for star center Bill Russell, who, of course, experienced incidents of racism in Boston that were well-documented. However, Russell's absence was blamed on him oversleeping. His teammates said they didn't know they would meet Kennedy on the tour.  

And yes, that's Celtics legend - and CSN's own - Tommy Heinsohn second from right. Coach Red Auerbach is next to the President on the left, Bob Cousy is next to Auerbach and John Havlicek is the first player in the second row on the left.