C's Bradley helps lucky family break in new home court

C's Bradley helps lucky family break in new home court
August 30, 2013, 9:00 am
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MERRIMAC, Mass. — Avery Bradley doesn't take defeat well.

Still, he couldn't help but crack a smile after losing a game of Knockout to a Griffin Young, an 11-year-old sixth grader.

"Something he will definitely remember," said Griffin's dad, Jim Young.

Bradley's "loss" occurred at the home of the Young family, one of three winners chosen by the Celtics and Re/Max of New England in their annual "Home Court" Makeover program.

In addition to the Young family, the Barker-Jobin family of Barrington, N.H. and the Ricci family in North Providence, R.I. were also chosen from among hundreds of entries which detailed why they were in need of a home court makeover.

Each of the winning families received a driveway and court resealing, a new basket stanchion, backboard, electronic scoreboard, ball rack and additional Celtics gear.

In addition, each family received a Celtics-themed bedroom makeover as well as a basketball clinic in their hometown that featured Bradley and Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell.

Jim Young, a double-amputee following an accident, nominated his son Griffin for the Re/Max contest.

"From the minute I got home from recovery, he has just been there and done everything," Jim Young told CSNNE.com. "Anything to help, getting a coffee, picking up his room, making his bed, all those things, even laundry, he does."

Jim added, "And he's a big basketball fan and this means the world for him."

The same could be said for the Barker-Jobin family, which received their home court makeover on Wednesday.

They are family full of Celtics fans, including 6-year-old Caleb who has had serious health conditions since birth.

His mother Amanda, who nominated him for the Re/Max contest, was told during her pregnancy with Caleb that he had a very rare and fatal heart condition.

She and her husband Brian were told that Caleb had a very slim chance of surviving, and even then would not live long after birth.

Thankfully, Caleb has overcome tremendous odds and is an active, energetic youngster.

The Ricci family knows a thing or two about overcoming health-related adversity as well.

K.J. Ricci was nominated by his father Kevin.

In December 2011, KJ was diagnosed with Leukemia and has spent more than 250 days undergoing various treatments at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence to battle a "rare and aggressive form" of the disease.

On one of only three days in January he was cleared by doctors to be out in public, he chose to spend that night at a Celtics game. And on the day he was discharged from the hospital, his only wish was to go to the TD Garden to - what else? - see the Celtics play.

All three families have heart-tugging stories, each with their own unique circumstances.

Still, they are all bound by one common thread - a love for the Celtics.