Celtics sing Christmas carols at Children's Hospital

Celtics sing Christmas carols at Children's Hospital
December 20, 2013, 8:45 pm
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These Celtics do more than just shoot hoops.

On Friday, several Celtics visited the Boston Children's Hospital to sing Christmas carols and play games with the children. 

One thing became immediately clear - they should stick to basketball.

When asked which of the Celtics had the best voice, one child said "me".

Throughout the course of the afternoon, it became obvious that the children provided at least as much inspiration to the Celtics as the C's did to the children. 

Courtney Lee, decked out in an elf hat, shook his head at his disappointing drawing of a tree and star.

"In a drawing, it doesn't have to be perfect," said one child sympathetically.

Other children offered advice to Brad Stevens on how he could improve his squad.

"You've got to spread the ball out," said the child. "Pass it inside, outside. Do a better job utilizing [the Celtics who were visiting the hospital]."

Out of the mouths of babes...