Celtics Question of the Day: How many games for Garnett?


Celtics Question of the Day: How many games for Garnett?

Kevin Garnett has proven himself to be an indispensable part of the Boston Celtics from the moment he set foot in New England.

His play as a scorer, defender and all-around impact performer is undeniable. But as we've seen and have been told time and time again by Garnett, the man is human. He makes mistakes.

And yes, even Garnett who for so many years played with Cal Ripken-like consistency, has shown signs of wearing down either by way of injury or just Father Time.

Throughout his 17 NBA seasons, Garnett has averaged appearing in 73.8 games per season which includes a pair of lockout-shortened seasons (1999 and last season) and a third year (2008-2009) when he missed the final 25 regular season games.

That iron man-like durability hasn't necessarily translated to Boston where he has appeared in no more than 71 regular season games in a season.

Which begs the question, how many games can the Celtics count on having KG in the lineup this year? In his five seasons in Boston, Garnett has appeared in 83 percent of the Celtics' regular season games, or 68 out of a possible full 82-game season.

In that case, 68 should be the overunder as to the number of games Garnett will appear in.

I'm going to go with the over on this for several reasons.

Garnett's talent and pride won't allow him to miss many games if he's not hurt. The C's have tinkered with the idea of sitting him down from time to time for the past couple of years, but Garnett has proven to be too valuable to the C's success and too strong-willed for something like that to happen with any kind of regularity.

And when you talk about him missing games due to injuries, that seems less likely now that he'll be playing the center position almost exclusively even if he doesn't like being called the 'C' word. With Brandon Bass and Jeff Green in the fold, along with rookie Jared Sullinger, it's clear that Garnett's greatest value to the Celtics will be when he's at center. It is a position that on most nights favors him and the Celtics significantly, which is why it worked so well a year ago.

But even when at center, the C's are mindful to keep an eye on his minutes which only enhances the chances of him staying healthy and injury-free.

And remember, last season he appeared in 60 out of a possible 66 regular season games, a shade under 91 percent of the games played by Boston which was the highest percentage of games he appeared in since coming to Boston five years ago.

Handling Garnett properly is a fine line for the C's, obviously.

But it has to be done -- and be done right -- for them to have the kind of season they and their fans expect.

Leon Powe talks about '08 Celtics, reunion with Ray Allen


Leon Powe talks about '08 Celtics, reunion with Ray Allen

In this week's jam packed episode of CSNNE.com's "Celtics Talk Podcast", Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely talk with former Celtic Leon Powe about this year's team, plus his role on the 2008 Championship squad. Powe tells some great stories about Kevin Garnett, and has an interesting take on Ray Allen not being invited to the reunion vacation Rajon Rondo is planning.

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Also included in this week's episode, Brian Scalabrine's interview with head coach Brad Stevens, plus the "Celtics PostUp" crew talks with Jae Crowder about his many nicknames, whether the 1st seed in the East is important, and his improvement on the floor.

LaVar Ball: Don't know Ainge, but he was tough 'for a white guy'

LaVar Ball: Don't know Ainge, but he was tough 'for a white guy'

LaVar Ball said a bunch of crazy things Thursday during his appearance on WEEI’s Dale & Holley with Rich Keefe. Among them: He thinks that every white teenager gets a $100,000 car from their parents. 

MUST LISTEN: Leon Powe with some KG stories; Ray Allen not being invited to reunion by Rondo

The most notable for Celtics fans’ purposes as it relates to the chances of Lonzo Ball coming to Boston was that the father does not want the C’s to take the UCLA product with the potential first overall pick of the 2017 draft. He also vowed not to be a pain in Brad Stevens’ ass if the C’s do take the point guard. 


Ball was also asked about Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. He said that he doesn’t know Ainge and has never spoken to him, but he did have an interesting description of the scrappy Ainge’s playing days.  

“I don’t know anything about Danny Ainge, but I know when he was a player, he was one of them sticklers to get up under you, boy,” Ball said. “But I haven’t talked to him. I don’t know Danny Ainge, I just watched him play when he was younger and I knew for a white guy, you could elbow him in the face. He was going to get back up and keep playing.” 

Ball did not say whether he thinks his son would have a better playing career than Ainge, a one-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion, but that should be assumed.