Celtics not concerned with quick turnaround


Celtics not concerned with quick turnaround

MIAMI The quick turn-around for the Boston Celtics is seen by most as a bad thing.

The C's are an older team that's coming off a long, seven-game playoff series against Philadelphia. They're facing a younger, more athletic team in the Miami Heat who will be well-rested after wrapping up their playoff series with Indiana on Thursday.

No one questions the value that comes with added rest, young or old team. But the way the Celtics tell it - or spin it, depending on your choice of words - rhythm is more important at this point in the playoffs than rest.

That's why they're actually glad -- at least that's what they're saying now -- to have games every other day of the Eastern Conference finals, beginning with Game 1 in Miami on Monday.

"I like it that way," said Celtics forward Paul Pierce. "It keeps us in a rhythm, it keeps us playing. We're an older team so we don't want to sit around for too long."

While it may prove beneficial now, you have to wonder if playing every other day will catch up to the Celtics deeper into this series.

It certainly did in their second-round matchup with Philadelphia. This was especially noticeable in their Game 6 loss. In that game, there were a number of shots taken by the Celtics early on that hit the front of the rim - as clear an indicator as any to a team having fatigued legs.

Fortunately for Boston, there was an extra day in between Games 6 and 7, which seemingly provided just enough added rest for them to pull away for an 85-75 win.

The C's will not have that luxury in this round.

Brandon Bass is 27 years old, and he acknowledges that the entire rest versus rhythm debate is one for his more experienced teammates to ponder.

"That's cool with me," Bass said of the schedule. "I'm 27. I'm ready to go. For our older players, I think that we have gotten rest and they're in a good rhythm by not being able to rest for two or three days. I think it's great for us."

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