The Celtics new second rounder


The Celtics new second rounder

The Celtics picked up an additional 2013 second round draft pick on Tuesday morning, and while the details are a little hazy, the message is clear: The Thunder did something sneaky.

Adrian Wojnarowski, who first reported the story for Yahoo! Sports, wrote that in the aftermath of last year's BostonOKC trade and Jeff Green's subsequent season-ending heart condition: "Boston's doctors constructed a case to take to the NBA trying to show proof that Oklahoma City owed the Celtics some kind of compensation, sources said."

We don't know exactly what went into the Celtics case, but it's obvious that there was more than enough evidence to support their claim because while second round picks aren't first round picks, second round picks are still plenty valuable in the NBA: Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd, Carlos Boozer, Monta Ellis, Marc Gasol, Mehmet Okur, Paul Millsap, Glen Davis, Trevor Ariza, Anderson Varejao, Landry Fields, DaJuan Blair, DeAndre Jordan . . .

OK, you get the point. And for the NBA to say that: A) The Celtics were burned badly enough to deserve a second rounder and b) OKC acted ugly enough to surrender one.

Well, that's something. OKC screwed up, and even though we don't know how badly, I can tell you that I'm not satisfied. One measly second rounder is NOT enough.

Here's my list of demands that the Thunder must meet before we call this travesty even:

1. Take back the non-existent rights to Nenad Kristc in exchange for Serge Ibaka.

2. For the next three years, on any night that the Garden is NOT sold out, the Thunder must ship 1,000 of their most fervent fans to Boston, where they must cheer for the Celtics as their own.

3. For the next two seasons, Sam Presti must share all scouting information (pro and college) with Danny Ainge via password-protected Google Document.

4. Swap James Harden's beard for Greg Stiemsma's peach fuzz.

5. Kevin Durant.

And we're good.
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Mike Giardi: People in Paul George's camp think Celtics are a great fit

Mike Giardi: People in Paul George's camp think Celtics are a great fit

Mike Giardi reports that there are some people in Paul George's camp that think the Boston Celtics would be a great fit, both short and long-term.


Update: Three-way Cavs, Nuggets, Pacers deal for George 'very unlikely'

Update: Three-way Cavs, Nuggets, Pacers deal for George 'very unlikely'

We knew back on the night of the draft that as the Cavaliers desperately looked for a way to pry Paul George out of Indiana, they started involving third teams in the talks (because Indy had no interest in Kevin Love for Paul George straight up, not should they). Phoenix was involved, but that fizzled. So did talks involving Denver.

But those latter ones didn’t die the night of the draft, according to reports that came out over the weekend. Denver, Cleveland, and Indiana were still talking about a three-team deal that would land Love in Denver and George in Cleveland. The challenge for Cleveland was finding the combination of young players and draft picks that Indiana wants in a deal — Indy is rumored to want a lottery pick (preferably high lottery) and a young player or players.

Now that Denver three-team is “very unlikely” to happen, according to Joe Varden of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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