Celtics' Moore makes first career playoff appearance


Celtics' Moore makes first career playoff appearance

BOSTON -- Rookie ETwaun Moore made his postseason debut on Sunday as all 13 active members of the Boston Celtics took the court in their Game 4 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

The 23-year-old guard clocked eight minutes in the fourth quarter, going 0-for-4 from the field while grabbing two rebounds in the Cs 101-79 win.

It was fun playing in my first playoff game, just getting a feel for it, he told CSNNE.com. I played a couple minutes. Even though it was at the end, there were still some things you learned.

Moore, the 55th overall pick in last summers draft, averaged 8.7 minutes in 38 regular season games and over 20 in the final four games before the playoffs.

All the while, he has prepared for each game as if he was going to play. He also stays locked in from the bench in case his name is called.

I just work harder (during the playoffs), he said. The scouting report is much more in-depth. Thats probably the biggest thing, paying attention to the scouting report. When Im on the bench, I just pay close attention to the game, the sets, the plays theyre running and the stuff were running. I know how much time is left, just being aware of whats going on.

Moore will take his eight minutes of playing time and use that experience for his next opportunity.

Its very intense, its hard, he said. For those couple of minutes there, everyones trying to play their hardest. Its similar from when I was watching, I could tell everyone was playing hard. I was like, youve got to be ready. I dont care how much time is left or what point it is in the game.

Report: Celtics could land George if they sign Hayward

Report: Celtics could land George if they sign Hayward

As rumors swirl in this post-draft, pre-free agency week for the NBA, Adam Kaufman of 98.5 The Sports Hub reported Friday that the Celtics could land long-rumored target Gordon Hayward AND trade for Paul George. And Kaufman says George would be more than just a one-year rental.

Kaufman elaborated on a possible George deal on his "Celtics @ 7" show Saturday. He said the trade with the Indiana Pacers wouldn't cost Boston next year's Brooklyn pick, rather it would be the first-round pick (Lakers 2018 or Kings 2010) acquired this week from the Philadelphia 76ers when Boston traded down the No. 1 for No. 3, along with Jae Crowder and another salary filler. 


Before you run out and buy that No. 13 Celtics Paul George jersey, Dan Feldman of NBCSports.com explains how financially disadvantageous it would be for George - long thought to want to head to the Lakers - to do this. 


Did Suns ask Josh Jackson to cancel his Celtics workout to keep him from Boston?

Did Suns ask Josh Jackson to cancel his Celtics workout to keep him from Boston?

Danny Ainge made no secret of being miffed when Kansas small forward Josh Jackson canceled his workout with the Celtics in Sacramento at the last minute. 

The Celtics, of course, passed on Jackson and selected Jayson Tatum of Duke with the third overall pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday night.

Suns GM Ryan McDonough's comments at Jackson's introductory press conference lend some credence to the theory that the canceled workout was part of Phoenix's plan to keep the Celtics from selecting Jackson and leave him for the Suns at No. 4.

Check out this portion of Jackson's presser via a tweet from Mike McClune of KPHO-TV: 

"I think you guys who know me well know how competitive I am. Look, it is a competition," said McDonough, a former assistant GM to Ainge with the C's "The Celtics were ahead of us at No. 3 and they could have selected whoever they wanted to. I think they got a very good player in Jayson Tatum, but that doesn’t mean B.J. [Armstrong, Jackson's agent] and I and...other members of my staff couldn’t talk and try to formulate the best plan to get a player we were really high on to a place we felt he really wanted to go and would be a great fit for him.

"We played by the rules – I guess,” McDonough said to some laughter in the room.

Jackson will certainly get more playing time with the rebuilding Suns that the contending Celtics. Ainge called Jackson "a terrific kid and a good player” after the draft, and said the Celtics were set on Tatum all along, even if they hadn't traded the No. 1 pick.

Jackson said his decision to blow off Ainge coach Brad Stevens and assistant GM Mike Zarren after their cross-country flight was "last-minute" and his plans to work out "just didn't work out."