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Celtics lose battle of the boards


Celtics lose battle of the boards

BOSTON When the Boston Celtics return to the court next week, they will look to rebound - literally - from a disappointing 87-74 loss to the Indiana Pacers.

It was a game in which the C's struggled mightily in every imaginable phase of the game, which included them tying a franchise-low with 25 points in the first half.

But it was their inability to keep the Pacers (5-2) off the offensive boards that, maybe more than anything else, led to their four-game winning streak coming to an end.

Indiana enjoyed a 47-36 rebounding advantage which factored heavily into their 19-5 advantage in second-chance points.

"There were a lot of shots being missed by both teams," said Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "That means there's going to be a lot of offensive rebound opportunities. The difference was they had seven more (offensive rebounds) than us when you get straight down to it."

Kevin Garnett played nearly 34 minutes, and finished with six rebounds - zero on the offensive boards.

"It's always on the bigs to rebound, obviously," Garnett said. "It starts with the bigs, myself included. We have to do a better job, I know I have to."

And while the Boston big men certainly were a factor in the team's rebounding woes, the C's guards played a prominent role as well.

Indiana's dribble penetration forced Boston's big men to help out defensively. Once the Pacers put up shots, the Celtics guard didn't do a good job of putting a body on Indiana's big men, which allowed them to get several second and third-shot opportunities.

Rajon Rondo had five rebounds - that was more than any other Celtics guard - but he too acknowledged that the C's guards had to do a better job of helping out on the boards.

"It's not on the bigs; it's all five of us out there," Rondo said. "We didn't do a good job boxing out. Guards getting beat off the dribble; our bigs were stepping up. And when they shot the ball, our bigs were off their bodies. It's no excuses. We just played really bad tonight; it showed."

Kyrie Irving says details of relationship with LeBron is 'not anybody’s business'

Kyrie Irving says details of relationship with LeBron is 'not anybody’s business'

CANTON, Mass. – LeBron James has embraced the fact that Kyrie Irving has moved on, but you get a sense that there’s still a bit of ‘what if. . .?” that James is still thinking about.

"I was wondering if there was something I could have did better to make him not want to be traded," James told reporters during Cleveland’s Media Day on Monday. "Is it the way the season finished, or, was it me coming back in the first place? Was it the coaching changes or the GM change, or, I don't know. I had so many different emotions go through my head."

When told about James wondering if there was something he could have done better to not make him ask for a trade, Irving responded, “Yeah.”

Irving declined to get into specifics, saying, “If we ever have that conversation, I don’t think it’s for anybody but me and him.”

He added, “Even if there are things, it’s really not anybody’s business. It’s between two men. That’s really where it is.”

Irving, a four-time All-Star in his six seasons with the Cavs, asked for a trade request in July.

Cleveland talked to several teams, and were seemingly focused on trying to send him to a team in the Western Conference.

While there was considerable interest, the Cavs didn’t see any deals come across their desk to their liking which is when they rekindled conversations with Boston.

After initially coming to terms of a trade, Cleveland was concerned that Isaiah Thomas’ still-on-the-mend hip injury was more serious than they had initially thought and asked for additional compensation in the form of a first-round pick.

The Celtics indicated during their initial talks that Thomas might not be ready at the start of the season. His timetable still remains uncertain, but reports out of Cleveland indicate that he may be ready to play prior to January.

Both Boston and Cleveland found a happy medium with the trade eventually being Irving to Boston in exchange for Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, a 2018 unprotected first-round pick from Brooklyn along with a 2020 second-round pick Boston got from Miami, that they conveyed to the Cavs.


Horford: 'Trying to figure out the best way to help' after Hurricane Maria


Horford: 'Trying to figure out the best way to help' after Hurricane Maria

CANTON, Mass. –  Hurricane Maria ravaged a number of Caribbean Islands, including the Dominican Republic – the home of Boston Celtics big man Al Horford.

“My immediate family is OK,” Horford told during Boston’s Media Day on Monday. “But we look at everything in the big picture. We were very lucky in comparison to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, a lot of smaller islands.”

Hurricane Maria hit the Dominican Republic with heavy wind and rain but delivered a much more powerful punch to other islands.

Puerto Rico has been devastated by the storm which has knocked out most of the electricity on the island along with heavy flooding.

The U.S. Virgin Islands was hit hard as well.

While the Dominican Republic wasn’t hit quite as hard as some other islands, they too are going through what’s likely to be an extended recovery period.

“We do have a lot of flooding,” Horford said of the Dominican Republic. “There’s a lot of need.”

Horford intends to address that need in some capacity.

“Right now, we’re trying to figure out the best way to help down there,” he said. “We want to make sure whatever we do as far as money and help-wise, it’s going to the people in need.”