Celtics look to improve offensive rebounding


Celtics look to improve offensive rebounding

MIAMI Every season brings about a different incarnation of Boston Celtics basketball.

But poor rebounding, especially on the offensive boards, has been a constant in recent years.

Based on the team's play in the season opener, that may be about to change.

For all of the late-game gaffes and missteps taken by the Celtics in their 106-104 loss to the New York Knicks on Christmas Day, one of the more glaring positives that they can take from the loss was the job they did on the offensive glass.

Boston, a card-carrying member of the cellar dweller club when it comes to offensive rebounds, snatched 13 offensive rebounds in the loss.

It was a far cry from how this team has fared on the offensive glass in recent years.

The Celtics have been the worst offensive-rebounding team each of the last two seasons, averaging 7.8 last year and 8.7 during the 2009-2010 season.

Under Doc Rivers, the C's have never finished any better than 15th (2006-2007 season) in this category.

Because the Celtics have been so consistently weak in this area, there has been a perception that this is something that Rivers doesn't stress.

Not true, he says.

"We always wanted to do that," Rivers said. "That's been one of the most misunderstood things about us. We've always told our bigs, 'If you're under the basket and we shoot, how about going to get it?' "

The biggest difference is that the Celtics now have players who have not just the ability to offensive rebound, but also the desire.

Brandon Bass understands his role with the C's involves being a factor offensively.

That involves not only scoring when he has the ball, but also creating multiple scoring opportunities for himself and the Celtics.

He did just that on Sunday as he tallied a double-double of 20 points and 11 rebounds -- five of which were offensive boards.

"I just wanted to come out and contribute in any way I can," Bass said.

As far as his offensive rebounding prowess against the Knicks -- his five offensive boards were just two short of tying his career high -- Bass said, "You have them nights where the ball just goes your way, I guess. I was just trying to help us out, and rebounding was that area."

And that's a change the Celtics would be more than happy to embrace moving forward.

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

On Wednesday, 👀aiah Thomas was up to his old tricks, sending out a cryptic tweet containing only the hourglass emoji. 

This followed Thomas’ infamous Monday night tweet of the eyes emoji, the same tweet he had sent just prior to the Celtics signing Al Horford in free agency.

Like Monday’s tweet, the internet dug into what the hourglass could mean, with a leading theory pointing out that the logo on Paul George’s new sneakers resembles a sideways hour glass. Or Thomas could completely be messing with us. 

Side-note, by the way: Basketball Twitter has it all over the other sports' Twitters. Football and baseball Twitter are generally lame because of years spent by the respective leagues with sharing video. Hockey Twitter is great but can be insufferable. Basketball Twitter rocks, though. The jokes are the best, the memes are the best, the people are the best. Plus Woj is there. Love that guy. 

Anyway, the point is that, yes, reading into what emojis grown men are sending out is a waste of time, but we’re talking about Twitter, which essentially has three purposes: reporting, freaking out about Trump and wasting time. 

Most people on Twitter are not reporters. Not all of them freak out about Trump. Wasting time is allowed by all, so really what’s the difference between tweeting emoji theories and sports fans giving you their takes on how teams to whom they have no connections will think? It’s all garbage. At least the emojis are cute. 

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