Celtics have starting backcourt together vs. Heat

Celtics have starting backcourt together vs. Heat
March 19, 2014, 7:15 pm
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BOSTON — Avery Bradley is in the lineup tonight for the Celtics. So is Rajon Rondo.

Between Rondo's return from an ACL injury and Bradley being out at times with an ankle injury, the team's starting backcourt has seen very little time together.

In fact, the two have only appeared in eight games together this season for a total of 127 minutes.

Although Rondo's injury was the more serious of the two, Bradley's injury is the one drawing more attention these days.

"He's just trying to et his wind back and feel comfortable playing again," Celtics coach Brad Stevens said of Bradley. "He did a good job in a lot of ways in Dallas; didn't make as many shots as you would like on the trip, but I'm a little bit less concerned about that. The hardest part is getting your wind back and making sure you're getting back into the rhythm of the game."

The return of the Rondo-Bradley tandem starting in the backcourt means Jerryd Bayless will return to the bench.

Bayless, a starter in 10 games this season for the Celtics, spoke with Stevens recently about how his role would change once Rondo and Bradley were both healthy at the same time.

"He [Bayless] looks at it with the right frame of mind," Stevens said. "This way he gets to play on the ball and off it."

When he has been inserted in the starting lineup, Bayless has spent the bulk of that time playing the point guard position.

However, the Celtics traded for him primarily to come off the bench - a role that Bayless has been in the majority of his career.

The 25-year-old has appeared in 370 games, with 55 starts.

"Hopefully we can be even more consistent on down the line with all those guys available," Stevens said.