Celtics focusing on one game at a time

Celtics focusing on one game at a time
March 22, 2013, 6:45 pm
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DALLAS — Win or lose, there's not a whole lot the Boston Celtics can carry over from one game to the next.

That's why despite dropping its last two games heading into tonight's game against Dallas, the C's aren't dwelling on the mistakes of the past.

Instead, they're more consumed by the potential of the present.

"Stuff doesn't linger with us much; it never has," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "You play awful and you move on."

That mentality is a lot tougher for those outside the confines of the Celtics locker room to understand and accept.

But among the players, having a short-term memory when it comes to losses is critical to moving past the disappointment of defeat.

"To me, we don't have a choice," said Boston's Paul Pierce. "If we're still thinking about the last game, it'll affect you coming into this game. Right now, the focus is to try and get the next win which is tonight versus the Dallas Mavericks and then the next win after that. In this league, you have to have a short-term memory."

Said Rivers: "If you keep staying in the past, I don't know how you can ever go forward. We've never done that; I've never done that.

But some losses are not quite as easy to dismiss or brush off.

"The ones that really hurt is the ones you lose in the playoffs," Pierce said. "Those stick with you more."