Buy or sell: Rondo trade, Incognito return, Manziel No .1

Buy or sell: Rondo trade, Incognito return, Manziel No .1
February 17, 2014, 9:30 pm
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It's time for one of our Buy or Sell here on CSNNE's Early Edition.

Tom E. Curran and Kirk Minihane get presidential on us in this time around before getting right into it.

Rajon Rondo for two first round draft picks . . . buy or sell?

Minihane is selling on this one. He's not willing to dump Rondo for just two picks, and actually thinks this rebuilding phase might not take too long even if Rondo does stay.

Curran agrees, saying he's "always been a Rondo guy".

Next up, Richie Incognito will never play in the NFL again.

Again, Minihane and Curran sell on this, saying that he will be back. Curran says the Incognito should be able to " say I'm sorry, pay his dues, and come on back."

And with the Texans drafting No. 1 overall, the Texans should draft Johnny Manziel, right?

Minihane says they should go for it, while Curran seems to be hesitant to go that route.

And lastly, should Bill Russell be angry at LeBron James? Find out what Minihane thinks in the video.