Buckley: NBA can sell it as a 'team game'

Buckley: NBA can sell it as a 'team game'
June 17, 2014, 7:00 am
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With stars dominating the NBA, the Sports Tonight crew discussed the team mentality of the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs.

"It was refreshing to see how big of a difference Popovich made in this series," said Michael Felger. "The NBA is a league where you typically don't see coaches, or you don't view coaches as making a big difference… I think the Spurs played and coached circles around Miami."

Steve Buckley believes the Spurs win is good for the NBA as a whole.

"I used to think the NBA wanted Miami to win," said Buckley. "Coming out of [the NBA Championship], I think right now, they've got to be thrilled because now they can say, 'see, team basketball does work.' It's not all about the me, me, me and the spotlight and the stars.

"They can sell basketball now as a team game, which they couldn't do before."