Brad Stevens on Rondo's return & Will Ferrell

Brad Stevens on Rondo's return & Will Ferrell
January 18, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Abby Chin goes one-on-one with Brad Stevens to discuss Rajon Rondo's return and the coach's favorite movies. 

Rondo returned on Friday against the Lakers and put up eight points and four assists in his first game in nearly a year. He joins a team that looks very different from the one he left. Are there any concerns that he might need some time to fit into the new dynamic?

"He's not going to have any problems fitting in," says Stevens. "It's more a matter of him getting comfortable playing again.

"The biggest key for all of us, myself included, himself included, would be to realize this is still part of his rehab. He's not going to play more than 20 minutes. He's going to be winded at times. There are going to be things that feel foreign to him because he hasn't been on a court in a year."

Stevens also talks about life off-the-court, including his favorite movies. 

His all-time favorite? 

Hoosiers, of course. 

"I'm a sports movie guy," he says. 

Nothing wrong with that, coach.