Blakely on chances of Rondo trade: 'Very slim'

Blakely on chances of Rondo trade: 'Very slim'
February 20, 2014, 2:30 am
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Point guard Rajon Rondo is one of several Celtics veterans who have been the subject of trade rumors as the NBA's Thursday 3 p.m. deadline for deals nears. What are the chances that the 100-94 loss to the Suns in Phoenix on Wednesday night was Rondo's last game as a Celtic?

"Very slim," said Celtics insider A. Sherrod Blakely. "I think he's the one guy on the roster, other than the some of the rookies, that really I just don't see being moved. Teams are a little bit skeptical of how healthy Rajon Rondo [coming off ACL surgery] can be and the fact that he's going to bve an free agent after 2015, teams are a little bit uneasy."

So who might be on the move?

Blakely said forward Brandon Bass is a good candidate. Charlotte has shown some interest, as has Western Conference contender Oklahoma City, as it tries to build up its bench for a playoff run.

Still, unless Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge can get what he wants in return, Blakely said it might be a relatively quiet day for the C's. 

"The bottom line is this: Nobody is moving unless Danny Ainge gets a nice return. If they are going to do a do a deal, it's probably a minor one. The guys that Danny likes, those guys aren't available. And the guys that he's willing to move? Teams aren't willing to give him what he's looking for."