Blakely: Breaking down candidates for Kevin Love

Blakely: Breaking down candidates for Kevin Love
May 28, 2014, 7:30 am
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The Kevin Love talk keeps rolling on.

A. Sherrod Blakely joined Sports Tonight to discuss who will be in the race for Love.

The Sacramento Kings revealed they would be willing to trade for Kevin Love without a long-term deal in place.

"For Kevin Love, the best part of going to [Sacramento] is, regardless of how he plays, they're going to give him the most money at the end of that deal." said Blakely

Will the Celtics feel pressure as a response to Sacramento's comments?

"I don't think the Celtics feel pressured to do anything." said Blakely. "They don't feel this is a deal they have to absolutely do. They view the rebuild as a multi-year project. So this will be a nice addition to speed their process along."

Blakely sees the Golden State Warriors as a threat to trade for Love.

"When you fire a guy like Mark Jackson, who had that kind of success, there is a greater amount of pressure on their new coach to get it done… They have to hit a home run, and Kevin Love would be that type of player."

What about Chicago?

"He's tired of the mid-west. said Blakely. "He wants to drop the 'mid' and head out west or Boston, one of the two."