Another Minnesota-Cleveland deal: K-Love for Sqwiggins?

Another Minnesota-Cleveland deal: K-Love for Sqwiggins?
August 25, 2014, 12:15 pm
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See, it's not just the media trying to get dibs on a piece of the Kevin Love-to-Cleveland story!

SEA LIFE Minnesota at Mall of America and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium are looking to make a splash (pun totally intended) with the Minnesota aquarium trading the naming rights to its octopus K-Love (named after you know, THAT dude!), to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.



And just like the NBA deal that sent Kevin Love to Cleveland, the city of Cleveland comes out the big winner in this too.

In exchange for allowing the Cleveland Aquarium to name one of its Pacific octopi K-Love, which is gonna be a big hit for sure, Minnesota will receive the name rights to one of Cleveland's octopi, which at the moment is named Ocho.

According to a press release by SEA LIFE Minnesota, they will likely ditch the Ocho name (the NBA equivalent of getting waived) and try to go with something that plays off of the newest member of the basketball team, Andrew Wiggins.

Some of the names tossed out are Sqwiggins, Iggy or A-W. (Sqwiggins has a nice ring to it don't you think?)

So in other words, Cleveland gets the big name (K-Love) and Minnesota gets the aquarium equivalent of cap space?

I love this story because frankly, there isn't diddly squat happening in the association right now that's new and unpredictable.

And this definitely falls under both of those categories.

But it does make you wonder if the Celtics were able to pull off a Kevin Love trade, would the New England Aquarium in Boston be looking to swing a similar deal?

That would have been a dilemma many around these parts would have gladly wanted to work through, for sure.