Allen: Sit back and be ready


Allen: Sit back and be ready

Although an outcome for the NBA lockout does not appear in sight, Doc Rivers and Ray Allen are looking at the positive side of the lockout.

"It will happen," said Rivers, "I'm just focusing on golf right now, but I like doing other things for sure."

"It's been a trying process, but a process nonetheless." said Allen, "It will be over soon. You sit back and be ready."

Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson discussed the lockout as well. Gary Tanguay believes the players and owners will start to change their minds after they start losing game checks.

"The owners almost always win in these things." said Dickerson, "The deal that is on the table now, the deal that was on the table three weeks ago, its not going to be there in two weeks. . . its going to be less and less and less."