Ainge on Rondo: 'We had a conversation & I'm happy with it'

Ainge on Rondo: 'We had a conversation & I'm happy with it'
February 28, 2014, 10:30 pm
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Tanguay and Minihane debate whether the Rondo situation is resolved.

In again trying to move on from The Great Rajon Rondo Birthday-gate Scandal, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said, among other things: "All leaders make mistakes ... but that doesn't mean that Rondo made a mistake."

That statement drew a collective, "Huh?" from Gary Tanguay and WEEI's Kirk Minihane on Arbella Early Edition.

"It's a mystery that never ends," Minihane said. "What circumstance could have possibly changed where Ainge didn't fine him?...I learned nothing today from what Danny Ainge said."

Tanguay said it's an example of Ainge and coach Brad Stevens "not being on the same page." 

"The same thing happened with Doc Rivers, only they were winning then, so it didn't really matter," Tanguay said. "He's got to sit down with Brad Stevens and say this is going to be the company response, period. Is he hanging Brad Stevens out to dry here a little bit? [Stevens] says, 'Look, we we talked to Rondo about obviously there's a problem,' then Danny says, 'There's no problem.'"

Minihane theorized it might be Ainge trying to protect Rondo's trade value by downplaying the situation.

"Ainge is trying to cover Rondo's behind," Minihane said. "Why Ainge is so loyal to Rondo is beyond me...If you're going name him captain and you're going to play that charade, you've got to be a big boy and put on big boy pants. You don't get to open the gifts and get your Tonka truck."