1-on-1 with new Celtics coach Brad Stevens

1-on-1 with new Celtics coach Brad Stevens
September 5, 2013, 7:45 pm
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Two months into his new job, Brad Stevens is growing more comfortable in his role as Celtics coach and leaving the college game behind.

The man who led Butler to two NCAA Finals appearances and who is replacing Doc Rivers in Boston touched on his transition to the NBA game, Rajon Rondo's progress in his recovery from major knee surgery and more in a one-on-one interview with Kyle Draper of "SportsNet Central." Here's just a sampling. ...

On adjusting to the NBA game:
"The one thing that will really be important are the eight exhibition games for me....Get a feel for the 48-minute game. Get a feel for the rotations. There's so much that's unique about the college game, but when you break it all down, at the end of the day, basketball is basketball. It's about who executes the way they want to play in a given game."

What has he learned so far as Celtics coach?
"You can't predict the challenges each new day will bring. ...The challenge in any leadership role is just being flexible and being able to respond to different situations while trying to create a consistent way about you."

How is Rondo's rehab progressing?
"He's been very diligent when he's been in town. ... A couple of young guys came into the gym and just having him here gave them an extra bounce in their step. ...I'm the furthest thing from an athletic trainer or doctor, so I don't know about a timeline."

Will he tailor the offense to Rondo even in his absence?
"That a very good question. Because what he may do well may not be as good a fit for somebody else. So, do you play that way? Start that way knowing that when he is going to come back we don't know yet, or do we change midstream?"

On the roster:
"As I get used to them and we get more acquainted with each other, then I'll have a better feel for for my thoughts or my opinion on 'Do we have the right guys in the right places?' Someone told me all you need is a board that says 'Coach your team.' Everything else can be a distraction."

On his expectations:
"It's simple. Simple to say, but hard to do. Embrace the process of growth. Every single day we need to get better."