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Wednesday, Feb. 15: Good, bad and ugly with P-Bruins

Wednesday, Feb. 15: Good, bad and ugly with P-Bruins

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while looking forward to the next time the Bruins and Canadiens face off against each other.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Mark Divver has all the details from the good, the bad and the ugly last weekend with the Providence Bruins.

*Tracey Myers examines this season’s condensed schedule in the NHL, and how it’s impacting coaching, managers and players around the league. It certainly hasn’t been a good development in a lot of hockey people’s opinions.

*Jack Todd says a lot of nice things about Claude Julien that I totally agree with as he takes over the Canadiens this week. It’s also 100 percent possible that a person can be both classy and a great hockey coach while at the same time no longer being an effective fit for a hockey team as it happened with the Bruins. Julien will go on and have success in Montreal, but let’s not forget he’s taking over a first place team that is supposed to have some level of success.

*John Tavares is still remaining loyal to the New York Islanders franchise at this point as the Maple Leafs media are looking to stir things up about a potential free agent choice coming up for the star player.

*Happy birthday to the legendary Jaromir Jagr, who turns 45 years old today and continues to score, create and add to his Hall of Fame career.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) and PHT writer Mike Halford has Antoine Vermette getting a 10-game suspension for slashing at a linesman. Yeah, that’s a no-no. Pretty shocking for a player like Vermette that’s always had a pretty gentlemanly reputation.

*Good piece from Chris Johnston about a young Auston Matthews getting discovered while playing for a Ukrainian team.

*For something completely different: It sounds like the iconic newsstand in Harvard Square is getting turned into a chain pizza place, and that’s a damn shame.


Morning Skate: Plenty of capable players on free agent market


Morning Skate: Plenty of capable players on free agent market

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while spending some time in the great state of Maine. 


*You wanted to see the video and here it is: Dandy Don Cherry singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley Field in a time-honored tradition. 


*There are still some very notable names available on the free agent market looking for jobs very late into the summertime. I predict PTO’s for a lot of these players, who will then have to sing for their supper if they want NHL jobs this season. It’s amazing how the salary cap has begun squeezing out veteran players that still have game. 


*An interesting look at the “stick to sports” phenomenon on social media, and a plea that athletes continue to stay vocal on the issues. For people to ignorantly think anybody in sports doesn’t deserve to have an opinion is downright un-American. Everybody has a say in this country. 


*Best of luck to FOH (Friend of Haggs) Dave Goucher as he heads to Vegas to do TV play-by-play for the Golden Knights. What a team he will make with former Bruins D-man Shane Hnidy in an announcing tandem with some very strong Boston connections. Big shoes to fill on the radio in replacing Goucher's play-by-play call for B's broadcasts, so here's hoping guys that have paid their dues around here like Ryan Johnston and Adam Kaufman get some strong consideration. 


*Injuries could be thrusting No. 1 overall pick Nico Hischier into a very important role for the New Jersey Devils this season. 


*For something completely different: Who would have ever thought that Andrew Dice Clay would continue to be somewhat relevant all these years later. 

Morning Skate: Coach sees 100-point season from Flames


Morning Skate: Coach sees 100-point season from Flames

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while very, very proud of the city of Boston today.

*Calgary Flames coach Glen Gulutzan thinks that the Flames can be a 100-point club this season as they continue to build with youth and skill.

*Brendan Kelly thinks the Montreal Canadiens are dead wrong for building their roster around All-World goalie Carey Price. Are they wrong? I don’t know about that. They certainly have the right coach if they want to play from the goalie on out every night.

*It is officially David Krejci number of days until the NHL regular season begins and I absolutely can’t wait for it to get going.

*PHT writer James O’Brien has Ron Francis hoping that the Hurricanes can live up to the hype after a flurry of offseason moves.

*Jack Eichel says that he wants to be in Buffalo when they start winning. So he plans on staying in Buffalo for a while then, eh?

*The New Jersey Devils are one of those teams that seem to be in the mix for everyone these days, including outgoing NCAA defenseman Will Butcher. 

*For something completely different: If you haven’t already, please help us at the NBC family to #CleartheShelters today. My two rescue black labs thank you!