Wakeup Call: Wayne who? And Messier what?

Wakeup Call: Wayne who? And Messier what?
September 17, 2013, 9:15 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, September 17:


  • So what happened in the playoff races last night? Click here to find out. (CSNNE.com)

  • The Nationals have many ties to their next-door neighbors at the Washington Navy Yard, so the decision to postpone Monday night's game was easy. (CSN Washington)

  • The A's Josh Donaldson grew up without a father, who spent 15 years in prison for drug offenses and domestic abuse. Now the father is out, and the son is showing him what he missed. (Yahoo! Sports)

  • If you're going to lose a game after making 19 straight starts without a defeat, it's probably best that it's not a nailbiter. And, for Jarrod Parker, it wasn't. (CSN Bay Area)

  • The modern-day Ernie Banks: Adam Dunn is about to complete his 13th season in MLB, and he's yet to make the playoffs. (CSN Chicago)

  • And over on the North Side, are things beginning to unravel? (CSN Chicago)



  • Bo Pelini offers the requisite apology after his two-year-old, profane, off-the-record rant at Nebraska fans finally makes it to the Internet. (AP)

  • As does Alabama's T.J. Yeldon for his "selfish action" -- making a money sign and a double throat-slashing gesture at fans -- during the Tide's win over Texas A&M last weekend. (AP)

  • The Pac 12 reprimands the referees after what looked like a big heap of home cookin' at the end of Arizona State's 32-30 victory over Wisconsin. (AP)

  • Iowa may have won at Iowa State, but some of the Hawkeyes came away poorer for the experience . . . literally. (AP)

  • Oklahoma State hires a former NCAA official to conduct an independent investigation of its football program in light of Sports Illustrated's five-part investigative series. (NBC's College Football Talk)


  • Zack Johnson wins the rain-delayed BMW Championship, giving him the No. 4 seed going into the Tour Championship and a clear shot at the $10 million payday that comes with winning the FedEx Cup. (AP)

  • But you know what? Tiger Woods is still in best position to bring home the cash. (Yahoo! Sports)