Wakeup Call: Gibson continues to take down the Kings

Wakeup Call: Gibson continues to take down the Kings
May 13, 2014, 9:00 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, May 13:


How does the phrase go . . . there are no uninjured pitchers, just pitchers who haven't been injured yet? To the Marlins' horror, that law of averages seems to have caught up with their young ace, Jose Fernandez. (AP)

Jonathan Papelbon's self-declared day off Sunday, which probably cost the Phillies a win -- and a series sweep -- over the Mets is still a hot topic in the Delaware Valley. (CSN Philly)

If the showboating of the Yasiel Puigs and Carlos Gomezes of the world is okay with Donnie Baseball, then it really should be okay with the rest of us. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

Not a good night in Yankee Universe. Carlos Beltran (hyperextended elbow) joins the injury list; two of their embedded Red Sox, Alfredo Aceves and Matt Thornton, combine to allow four runs over 1 1/3 innings; a large group of Mets fans, wearing shirts that read "Bronx Invasion," charge into Yankee Stadium, and the Yanks blow a 7-4, seventh-inning lead as the Mets -- led by ex-Yankee center fielder Curtis Granderson (2-for-5 with a home run) -- rally for an 9-7 victory. No, not a good night. (AP)

Another of the Yanks' walking wounded, CC Sabathia, is going to see Dr. Andrews. (Hardball Talk)

I'm sure a lot -- if most -- of the managers feel the same as Mike Matheny. Give credit to Matheny for being brave enough to bite the hand that feeds him by saying how much he dislikes the Cardinals' having to play on Sunday nights. (Hardball Talk)

Alex Cobb has recovered enough from his strained oblique muscle to make a rehab start . . . though not until Saturday. (Hardball Talk) 

Chris Sale's left muscle flexor strain is better, too, and he'll make a rehab start on Thursday. (Hardball Talk)

I don't know how I'd feel if my boss ordered me to dress like a member of Country Joe and The Fish on a business trip. (Hardball Talk)

Nolan Ryan played for, and been in the front offices of, both the Rangers and Astros, and says there's no real rivalry between the Texas teams . . . yet. (CSN Houston)

Mark Buerhle is the first pitcher to reach seven wins this season. (AP)

Um, Mets and Dodgers fans? Still like Mad Men? (Hardball Talk)

If you were to make a list of ex-big leaguers who'd have the potential to get ejected from a game for 10-year-olds because he screamed obscenities at an umpire, it's safe to say Mitch Williams would be on it. (Hardball Talk)


Marshall Henderson was one of the first out of the box with an anti-Michael Sam Tweet after Sam was drafted on Saturday. Now he's claiming he did it at the behest of one of his gay friends, who wants to use the responses in a psychology project. Uh huh . . . (NBC's College Basketball Talk) 

Any wonder that as far as Ole Miss is concerned, Henderson can't get out of there fast enough? (College Basketball Talk)

Sorry, Oregon State: Ben Howland doesn't want your coaching job. (College Basketball Talk)

So far, the Ed O'Bannon trial isn't going well for the NCAA. (College Basketball Talk)

Now that passions have cooled from the 2011 brawl, Cincinnati and Xavier are taking their intracity rivalry back to campus sites. (College Basketball Talk)

The two University of Richmond women's coaches killed in last week's hot-air balloon crash are honored with a moment of silence as Sunday's school commencement ceremonies, and one of them -- Ginny Doyle -- is remembered for the time she shut up Billy Packer. (AP)


The ACC is sticking to an eight-game schedule. (NBC's College Football Talk)

Former Virginia tight end Jake McGee will play his final season at Florida after enrolling in graduate school there. (AP)

One of Tennessee's reserve linebackers is grazed by a stray bullet while standing in a street outside a party, but isn't expected to miss any class or practice time. (College Football Talk)

LSU seems determined to sell beer at its games. (College Football Talk)

Central Florida's giving George O'Leary a four-year contract extension. (College Football Talk)


The John Gibson Magic continues as the Ducks beat the Kings, 4-3. and take a 3-2 series lead. (AP)

Hey, John: You're getting under Darryl Sutter's skin. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

King Henrik is $5,000 poorer for squirting Sid The Kid with water. (AP)

For some reason, this reminds me of that great baseball line: "We just need two more players: Babe Ruth and Willie Mays." (Pro Hockey Talk)

The Maple Leafs are said to be shopping Dion Phaneuf to Western Conference teams. (Pro Hockey Talk)

The Oilers lose another of their players to Mother Russia. (Pro Hockey Talk)

Speaking of the Russians, they had their way with the U.S. in the ice hockey world championships yesterday. (AP)

Geez, Teemu Selanne's only 43. That's way too young for a "Why, in my day . . . " rant. (Pro Hockey Talk)

I mean, Jaromir Jagr is only a year younger than Selanne and he's still having fun. (Pro Hockey Talk)


Whatever Donald Sterling thought he was trying to accomplish with his Anderson Cooper interview flew out the window when he shouted "He's got AIDS!" about Magic Johnson. (AP)

Sterling has become the face of the NBA playoffs, overshadowing anything and everything that happens on the court -- Adam Silver had to leave his front-row seat at the Barclays Center while LeBron was dropping 49 on the Nets (more on that in a moment) to issue a statement of apology to Johnson -- but Adrian Wojnarowski says the NBA, because of its years of ignoring Sterling's bigotry and madness, has only itself to blame. (Yahoo! Sports)

To the surprise of no one, agents say that as long as any of the Sterlings own the team -- and, judging by their belligerent talk, they're going to try to hang on as long as they can -- no free agents will sign with the Clippers. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

But the Clips' interim CEO thinks "the Clippers will become America’s team if we get [the removal of Sterling and the sale of the franchise] right." (Pro Basketball Talk)

Back on the court -- finally -- LeBron James was one missed free throw from a 50-point performance, but his 49 were good enough to carry the Heat over the Nets for a 3-1 series lead. (AP)

He may not be the MVP, but James sure looks like the best player in the NBA. (Yahoo! Sports)

The 2004 Red Sox also adopted the "Why not us?" mantra, but they did it before the postseason began; they didn't wait until they fell behind the Yankees 0-3 in the playoffs, as the Blazers have done against the Spurs. Still, Portland used the phrase as a rallying cry in its Game 4 victory over San Antonio that averted a sweep and kept its season alive. (AP) 

The NBA decides that Serge Ibaka's shot to Blake Griffin's groin was, in deed, an accident, and Ibaka won't be punished. (Yahoo! Sports)

Hey, Wizards Nation. Ever hear "Let sleeping dogs lie"? (CSN Washington)

The Steve Kerr coaching update: The Knicks think Kerr's monetary demands are too rich for a first-time coach . . . (Pro Basketball Talk)

. . . but the Warriors are convinced Kerr will end up in New York anyway, so they've turned their attention to Stan Van Gundy. (Pro Basketball Talk)

Sorry, Mike Brown, but Thomas Wolfe was right: You can't go home again. (Pro Basketball Talk)


Now that Johnny Football's in town, the Browns have no more use for Vince Young. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

But that's not true about Brian Hoyer. In fact, they claim Hoyer's still the starter and Manziel is his backup. (AP)

Michael Sam's getting a little chesty. (Pro Football Talk)

And why not? He's got the second-highest selling jersey in the country, behind Manziel. (Pro Football Talk) 

According to reports, Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey will be hit with a four-game PED suspension. (Pro Football Talk)

The Jaguars show the door to one of their starting guards, Will Rackley. (AP)

Eli Manning says he feels 100 percent recovered after his ankle surgery, but "the trainers tell me I'm not." (Pro Football Talk)


Roger Federer might be back in time for the Italian Open. (AP)

But Serena Williams isn't sure she'll be recovered from her injured thigh in time to compete. (AP)