Wakeup Call: 'Dangerous and embarrassing'

Wakeup Call: 'Dangerous and embarrassing'
January 21, 2014, 8:45 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, January 21:


  • Derek Jeter hits off a tee and fields 108 grounders -- 108? Why not 107? Or 109? -- in his first on-field workout since his already-abbreviated 2013 season was cut short on Sept. 7 by his ankle injury. And, to the surprise of no one, he claims he feels great. (AP)

  • Click here. You won't recognize CC Sabathia. Honest. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

  • Lyle Overbay -- who didn't exactly carry on the tradition of Yankee greatness during his 142 games at first base last year, what with his .240 batting average and 14 home runs -- returns to Milwaukee. (AP)

  • And the Phillies, for some reason, are disappointed. (CSN Philly)

  • Shelby Miller, a 15-game winner as a rookie last year, was the Cardinals' forgotten man in the postseason, pitching only one inning in three series. He admits to being "a little upset" at not being used, but says that's all behind him now and he's looking forward to a big 2014. (AP)

  • Only a matter of time before all the ex-Red Soxers in the Cubs front office dragged out 2004 to inspire their new troops. (CSN Chicago)




  • Torts had his moments in New York, but it wasn't until he got to Vancouver that he did something the NHL thinks was "dangerous and an embarrassment to the league." And for that -- his attempting to barge into the Calgary locker room to get at Flames coach Bob Hartley between periods after the start-of-game line brawl Saturday night -- he's been suspended for 15 days. (AP)

  • The league also slapped Hartley with a $25,000 fine for sending his goons onto the ice to start the game, and Flames GM Brian Burke - speaking like the Harvard Law School grad that he is -- says he's "perplexed" by that. (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

  • More Canucks sadness: Henrik Sedin's streak of 679 consecutive games played will end tonight because of an injury. And Vancouver takes NHL paranoia to a new level by not even telling us if it's "upper body" or "lower body". (AP)

  • You knew the Penguins would lose at home eventually. But to the Panthers? (AP)

  • Jimmy Howard re-injures his knee in the Red Wings' loss to the Blues, putting in question his availability for Team USA in Sochi. (AP)

  • Marian Hossa may be 35, but he doesn't play like he's 35. (CSN Chicago)

  • Remember when the Browns' owner wrote a letter to the fans about the team's failure to hire a head coach? Oilers owner Darryl Katz followed his lead, but his missive apologizes for Edmonton's failure to improve this year. (Pro Hockey Talk)


  • When you watch the U.S. bobsled team and hear the name Johnny Quinn and think, "Hey, didn't that guy play for the Bills and the Packers?" . . . well, you're right! (nbcolympics.com)

  • Kobe Bryant doesn't plan on making it a three-peat at the 2016 Games. (NBC's Olympic Talk)


  • Speaking of Kobe, he insists he'll be back, and at a high level. Just don't ask him when. (AP)

  • Bad news for the Celtics: The Heat will be a little sore tonight, after laying an egg in Atlanta. (AP)

  • The Pacers just roll on and on. (AP)

  • In their own, flying-a-little-lower way, so do the Wizards. (CSN Washington)

  • That little Knicks resurgence sure looks like a false spring, doesn't it? (AP)

  • And Beno Udrih wants out. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

  • There's lots of talk hereabouts about how the Patriots' cupcake regular-season schedule -- mainly because the AFC East is so weak -- doesn't do them any favors come playoff time. The Spurs, judging by their 1-8 record against Trail Blazers, Rockets, Thunder, Clippers and Pacers, have similar worries. (Pro Basketball Talk)

  • Oh, no. This "Omaha" business is seeping into other sports. (CSN Chicago)