Wakeup Call: Can this actually be happening to Sharks?

Wakeup Call: Can this actually be happening to Sharks?
April 29, 2014, 8:30 am
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Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Tuesday, April 29:


If you've always suspected Yankee fans are all hat and no cattle, here's proof. (NBC's Hardball Talk)

This Bryce Harper news is much worse than originally thought: That torn ligament in his thumb will sideline him until at least July. (CSN Washington)

Here's your chance, Nate McLouth. (CSN Washington)

What's up with Yu Darvish? (AP)

When John Farrell got kicked out for arguing the result of a challenge, the Red Sox didn't ask MLB for an explanation. Not so the Reds when Bryan Price was ejected for the same thing. (AP)

Remember Kolten Wong, the young player who got picked off by Koji Uehara to end Game 4 of last year's World Series? The Cardinals made him their starting second baseman this year, but after a slow start they've sent him back to Triple-A and replaced him with Mark Ellis, the veteran infielder they signed as a free agent over the winter. (AP) 

At least Wong is closer to home than Freddy Garcia, who, after being cut by the Braves last month, has resurfaced in Taiwan. (AP)

After 29-year-old rookie Scott Carroll won his MLB debut for the White Sox Sunday, Adam Dunn treated him and his group -- 30 people in all -- to dinner at a Chicago restaurant. (Hardball Talk)


The deadline has been reached, and here's the list -- 39 in all -- of underclassmen who have publicly declared for the NBA draft. (NBC's College Basketball Talk)

Some schools, like Kentucky and WIsconsin, came out of this okay. (College Basketball Talk)

And others, like Syracuse and UCLA, didn't. (College Basketball Talk)

Challe Barton is leaving Oregon State, but not for the NBA. He's going to play in Europe. (College Basketball Talk)

Missouri stays in the family and hires Kim Anderson as coach. (AP)


The SEC is sticking with its current system of scheduling. Just don't ask me to explain it. (AP)

An LSU redshirt defensive lineman is arrested for stealing a bicycle. (NBC's College Football Talk)

The Maryland-ACC divorce proceedings continue to be nasty. (College Football Talk)

The family of San Jose State linebacker Jared Leaf says he's in critical condition after suffering burns while escaping from a fire in his apartment near campus last week, but they're confident he'll recover. (AP)


Can this actually be happening? (AP)

Staring into the abyss of one of the worst playoff collapses ever -- from a franchise with a history of coming up small in the postseason -- the Sharks turn to a tried-and-true strategy: Blame the referees. (CSN Bay Area)

Also headed to Game 7: The Wild and Avalanche, after Minnesota's Game 6 victory. (AP)

Form holds in the East, however, as the Penguins finish off the Blue Jackets in six. (AP)

Didn't take long for Columbus to start patting itself on the back for a good season, did it? (NBC's Pro Hockey Talk)

Some teams are in the playoffs, others are hiring new GMs. Like Carolina with Ron Francis. (AP)

And Calgary with Brad Treliving. (AP)

George McPhee was recently fired as the Capitals' GM, but he says it's not "the end of the world." (CSN Washington)


Doc Rivers refusing the chance to speak with Donald Sterling speaks volumes about where Doc's head is at in all this. (Yahoo! Sports)

From all available evidence, it doesn't appear V. Stiviano is much higher than Sterling on the evolutionary scale. But no matter how she arranged it, and what her motivations might have been, she apparently got him on tape saying a lot of things that's thrown the NBA into crisis. (Yahoo! Sports)

How big a crisis? Well, players union rep Kevin Johnson is demanding that Sterling be suspended indefinitely . . . and that's for starters. (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk)

Problem is, under the NBA constitution there's only so much new commissioner Adam Silver can do. (Pro Basketball Talk)

And Mark Cuban, of all people, warns that kicking out Sterling for things he said in the privacy of his home may put the league on "a very, very slippery slope". (AP)

Saying "fans cannot allow someone with these feelings to profit," Warriors coach Mark Jackson urges Clipper fans to boycott Game 5 tonight. (AP)

Doc, however, asks them to pack the Staples Center and cheer "for the players." (Pro Basketball Talk)

Playoff time is Heat time: Miami completes a four-game wipeout of the Bobcats. (AP)

Playoff time isn't Pacers time: Indiana gets routed at home by the Hawks and now trails in the series, 3-2. (AP)

The Spurs get home-court advantage back by beating the Mavs in Dallas, tying their series at 2-2. (AP)

Ex-NBA All-Star Steve Francis shows up at Sunday's Bulls-Wizards game wearing his own jersey. Now that's a fan. (CSN Houston)

Jack Ramsay is remembered fondly in Portland on the day of his death. (CSN Northwest)


That bad news is, Teddy Bridgewater's star has fallen so far that he may not even get selected in the first round. (Yahoo! Sports)

The good news is, he may collect $5 million -- tax free -- if he doesn't. (Yahoo! Sports)

Meanwhile, Chip Kelly is making goo-goo eyes at Johnny Football. (NBC's Pro Football Talk)

Kelly ends months of silence on the DeSean Jackson release by emerging from his bunker to say . . . nothing. Unless, of course, you believe the jettisoning of an All-Pro coming off the second-best season by a wide receiver in franchise history was a "football decision." (CSN Philly)

The Seahawks make sure their secondary remains strong by signing Earl Thomas to a four-year, $40 million extension. (AP)

And they bolster their front office by bringing ex-Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland aboard as a consultant for the draft. (AP)

He needs a job and they need a quarterback: Sounds like Vince Young and the Browns are a match made in heaven. (AP)

It doesn't exactly come with a ringing endorsement from financial professionals -- one says "[you're] probably not going to get much money out of it, unless you can sell it to someone dumber than you" -- but, regardless, the stock tied to the earning potential of the 49ers' Vernon Davis gained $1 on Wall Street, hitting the $11 mark in its trading debut Monday. (AP)

Bernie Kosar pleads down his DUI charge and gets off with a fine and suspended sentence. (AP)

But as one legal problem is settled, another pops up: New Bears, and ex-Redskins, wide receiver Josh Morgan is arrested for allegedly punching a man outside a Washington nightclub. (AP)

Not so fast on that Chad Ochojohnson-to-the-CFL business. His no-contest plea on a domestic assault charge in 2012, which prompted the Dolphins -- with whom he was in training camp -- to cut him and ended his NFL career, may prevent him from getting a visa to work in Canada. (Pro Football Talk)