Thornton: 'I'm not a fan of people ducking'

Thornton: 'I'm not a fan of people ducking'
May 3, 2014, 5:15 pm
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A rallying point for the Bruins' remarkable 5-3 comeback victory over the Canadiens in Game 2 on Saturday? How about Shawn Thornton's knee injury and return in the third period after he took a run at P.K. Subban, who ducked the shot from the Bruins enforcer?

Thornton was asked on Postgame Live by Michael Felger if he thought the Subban move was a dirty one?

"I'm OK, so I'm not gonna get too into it," Thornton said. "I'm not a fan of people ducking. I think we've seen a history of that and it causing injuries. And I don't think it's a safe play...But the guys did a really good job of focusing and re-focusing and talking about how we won't be denied. So, I'm really proud of how everyone stuck together and created that comeback."

On the NBC telecast of the game, Pierre Maguire singled out Thornton's return to the bench after the injury and his pleas to teammates to "score a goal every five minutes" as a key.

"We've been through it before [trailing in a playoff game] here, so I think our team knows how to handle it," he said. "Pointing out that you need a goal every five minutes there when you're down 3-1 isn't rocket science."