Seguin saved from line drive foul ball


Seguin saved from line drive foul ball

Crisis averted.

Tyler Seguin was holding a "speed dating night" at LeLacheur Park, home of the Lowell Spinners (a Red Sox affiliate), when a heat-seeking foul ball was launched directly at the back of his head.

Luckily for Seguin, who seemed to be busy putting his number in one lucky lady's phone (kidding), Spinners VP Dan Beaulieu had his back. Beaulieu heroically leaped in front of the foul ball, preventing it from harming the B's prized possession.

Beaulieu and Seguin were fine, but unfortunately Beaulieu's phone didn't make it out alive.

Come on Seguin . . . it was a lefty at the plate and you're in prime foul ball territory. You're better than that.

Check out the video.

Best part: Guy in the Spinners hat who points to Seguin and says, "Hey, that was at yuh head."