Seguin loving the easy life in Dallas

Seguin loving the easy life in Dallas
November 18, 2013, 12:15 pm
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He's on pace to score 48 goals -- yes, that's 48, as in F-O-R-T-Y-E-I-G-H-T -- and his current offensive output (12 goals, 11 assists, 23 points) is nearly 50 percent better than the highest-scoring Bruin so far this season. And it dwarfs the totals of the man who's supposed to be replacing him, Loui Eriksson; he's currently at 4-5-9.

So it begs the question: Why is the Dallas version of Tyler Seguin so much better than the Boston version of Tyler Seguin? You know, the Tyler Seguin who went 16-16-32 last year.

Let him explain it, as reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail:

“It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to go the rink, play hockey, and then go about my business away from the rink, whether it’s just walking around a mall or whatever. That’s been a different adjustment, but I’ve enjoyed it. I definitely hang out with a lot more guys away from the rink.

"I still have some of my best friends in Boston, people I talk to every single day, and players . . . the thing in Boston is, you could only go to the guys’ houses for dinner so many times! You want to hang out, go to the movies, whatever, and here you can do that a little bit more.”

So, in other words, Seguin likes it best where the lights are dim, the pressure is low, and no one much cares about hockey players . . . or hockey.

That being the case, stop getting on Peter Chiarelli's case for dealing Seguin away, or on Claude Julien for strapping Seguin into a play-it-my-(conservative)-way straightjacket that squeezed the offensive creativity out of him. Because in Boston, the lights are bright, the pressure is high, and everyone cares . . . and if you can't play under those conditions, you can't play here.