Peverley working through the pain


Peverley working through the pain

WILMINGTON, Mass. Rich Peverley played a fairly nondescript 16:55 of ice time in the loss to the Dallas Stars on Saturday. He landed only a couple of shots on net and looked a little rusty in the timing department, but thats to be expected.

Through the injuries, Peverley still has seven points in his last five games, and perhaps will get a little of the offensive feel back after getting his feet wet against the Stars.

The shifty winger missed a pair of games around the holiday season with a nagging injury hes attempting not to maintain through the season, and had never missed a game of his NHL career due to injury before this year with Boston. Peverley doesnt want to talk much about it and gets pretty short with his answers when the topic comes up, but its pretty clear he takes prize in his durability.

Having been waived by the Nashville Predators earlier in his career after working his way up from the East Coast Hockey League, Peverley has missed enough games being a healthy scratch that he wants to be in the lineup whenever possible.

Hopefully it doesnt nag me, but weve got to stay on it and theres a possibility it could be with me all year. Im able to play through it and Ill be okay, said Peverley. I had never had an injury where Id missed NHL games before this year, so its always tough to miss games . . . especially when you know that you could play. But it was the best thing in the long run.

I was a healthy scratch a few times. I think a lot of guys feel that way about playing through injuries. How many straight games did Marty St. Louis play in before he missed time this year? I think a lot of guys take pride in staying healthy.

Peverley skated with his third line teammates Benoit Pouliot, Chris Kelly and extra forward Zach Hamill at Monday morning practice at Ristuccia Arena, and looks like hell be fine for Wednesday nights game against the New Jersey Devils.

The trainers will keep me on top of that as we move forward," said head coach Claude Julien. "When the schedule gets heavier well have to keep an eye on that. As everybody can see you dont see a difference in his game. Hes playing through it and about managing that situation. Thats what were doing right now.

The rubber will truly meet the road for Peverley and the Bruins once they hit Wednesday nights game against the Devils, and the off days come few and far between for the rest of the regular season.