Morning Skate: Wednesday July 18


Morning Skate: Wednesday July 18

Elliotte Friedmans final 30 Thoughts for the season with plenty of bonus brain explosions and a little tidbit about the Phoenix Coyotes interest in David Krejci. Both the Coyotes and Ducks have interest in the center, but it remains to be seen if hes dealt

A New York Times piece says that the NHLPAs response to the NHL offer could dictate the tenor of CBA negotiations. Id have to agree and I also would have to think the NHLPA is going to tell the league to go pound sand.

Larry Brooks basically expresses that sentiment in a New York Post column, and I think it all portends two things: A) a long cold war this summer and B) a season that doesnt begin on time.

A final list of the top 10 hockey hugs from the 2011-12 NHL season as compiled by Yahoo! Sports. Who doesnt love a hockey hug?

The Mayor of Edmonton makes an impassioned speech about the need for a state of the art NHL arena.

Ondrej Pavelec is sorry about his drunk driving arrest and the Winnipeg Jets dont sound so enthused either.

Jack Todd writes some wacky things for the Montreal Gazette, but hes hitting the right notes in his column about the CBA negotiations this summer.

For something completely different: Deadspin has the details on the worst Red Sox prospect performance in the history of the organization. Its even worse than the late John Henry Williams.