Morning Skate: Wednesday, August 14

Morning Skate: Wednesday, August 14
August 14, 2013, 10:45 am
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  • Good piece from Carolina Hurricanes media relations maven Mike Sundheim about his advice to young, aspiring college graduates looking to break into the world of sports.



  • The Kessel brothers, Phil and Blake, join together for Maple Leafs skate in Toronto. I can honestly say I’ve never met two more opposite personalities as brothers than the two Kessel brothers: Phil is introverted, shy and a bit smaller in stature while Blake was an outgoing, friendly kid in a solid defenseman’s body during his time at the University of New Hampshire.



  • A list of the top NHL players of all time that were traded too soon includes a group of Bruins players. Thankfully they were traded to the B’s too soon in the cases of Cam Neely and Rick Middleton.



  • A solid list of ideas on how to fix the NHL that only include things that might actually be possible to achieve.  


  • For something completely different: Bill Simmons says that the History of the Eagles rock documentary was the best film of 2013, and I absolutely agree with the Sports Guy. You should check it out, even if you only have a mild interest in the Eagles and their music.