Morning Skate: Thursday, August 30


Morning Skate: Thursday, August 30

Allan Muir from Sports Illustrated says there has been little progress in the proposals between the NHL and the NHLPA in their CBA stare-down.

All these years later Jared Knight reflects on a YouTube video that put him on the prospect map when he was being ignored by the Central Scouting Department, and looks forward to a future with the Bruins. Good piece by the National Post.

NBC Sports is concerned about a potential NHL work stoppage, according to the Sherman Report. No surprise there.

Adam Proteau from the Hockey News looks at the top 10 roster spots that need to be addressed when the NHL does finally get underway. Spoiler Alert: Youll never guess which goaltender graces the list.

Jordan Eberle and the Edmonton Oilers are working on a contract extension for another one of their talented, young players.

A group of hockey greats get together to remember and reminisce about the Summit Series anniversary an epic tilt between Canada and Russia that took place 40 years ago.

Rob Rossi has the low-down on Evgeni Malkin and a group of NHL players beginning to look at their alternatives for jobs while the NHL and NHLPA hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement with an expected lockout on deck.

For something completely different: apparently Kelly Taylor did choose Dylan in the end for all you Beverly Hills 90201 fanatics.

Morning Skate: Former PC coach Army on Avs' rough year

Morning Skate: Former PC coach Army on Avs' rough year

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars being released today. Amazing that the power and influence of the best movie franchise in cinematic history are just as strong today as it was four decades ago. I still remember my first time seeing it as a very little kid with my parents at the dearly departed Starlight Drive-In in North Reading.

*Good guy and recently fired Colorado Avalanche assistant coach Tim Army talks about a rough past season with the Avs, and some of the difficulties they faced in a truly terrible season. The former Providence College head coach and good hockey man shouldn’t have much trouble finding his next gig.

*A great move by the Arizona Coyotes, who have hired former Bruins forward Craig Cunningham as a pro scout after his awful medical situation last season that resulted in his leg getting amputated. Cunningham is a hard worker and a hockey lifer, and that’s exactly the kind of traits that the best scouts have in huge amounts.

*The New Jersey Devils have fired a number of employees after a rough season, including a groundbreaking radio analyst.

*With the ultra-competitive demand for an edge in NHL player development, teams are beginning to look to Europe for more and more diamonds in the rough. The Bruins tried that with Joonas Kemppainen, but it didn’t work out so well.

*One of the real big advantages of the Nashville Predators getting to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time is a national spotlight getting flashed on PK Subban, who shows off his personality in a rare ESPN interview of a hockey player featured on the network's magazine show.

*Ryan Johansen isn’t done talking smack to Ryan Kesler after the Predators prevailed over the Ducks, and it’s some delicious playoff hatred.

*Is the NHL ready to draft another goaltender with the last name DiPietro in the first round? Inquiring minds want to know, but I’d recommend the New York Islanders take a pass just in the name of avoiding a repeat of some bad history for them.

*Taylor Hall sounds pretty bitter about the whole “Edmonton Oilers getting into the playoff without him” thing, doesn’t he?

*For something completely different: As mentioned above, it’s a milestone birthday for the Star Wars franchise hitting 40 years old today. Boy, this Boston Globe movie review was right on the money back in 1977.