Monday, Jan. 9: NHL drops third jerseys

Monday, Jan. 9: NHL drops third jerseys

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while feeling like I need to see La La Land now.

*Curtis McElhinney had a bad start for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and now he’s off the team. Mercy is for the weak, eh Sensei Tortorella?

*Interesting development for next season as there will only be home/road sweaters for the 31 NHL teams next season as Adidas takes over the entire jersey operation for the league.

*Jonathan Toews lost a World Junior hockey bet, and was forced to wear a Team USA jersey by Patrick Kane. What a beautiful sight.

*Darren Dreger covers some of the choices for Kevin Shattenkirk when he becomes a free agent in the offseason, and the Bruins are still firmly in that picture. I’ll continue to say what I’ve been told about Shattenkirk all along, he’s aiming to go to the Flyers, Bruins or Rangers, and I’d been told that the Rangers actually have the inside track on him.

*PHT writer Joey Alfieri has the details of a Dallas Stars team charter being forced to make an emergency landing.

*We appreciate the lesson in sports journalism, Darryl Sutter, but you should stick to left wing locks and umbrella power play formations.

*For something completely different: You may not know him, but trust me when I say NESN videographer John Martin is one of the good people in our business, and on top of that a dedicated father and husband. He’s been diagnosed with ALS, and his family needs your help.

AHL allowing players on minor-league deals to go to Olympics


AHL allowing players on minor-league deals to go to Olympics

Players on American Hockey League contracts will be eligible to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

President and CEO David Andrews confirmed through a league spokesman Wednesday that teams were informed they could loan players on AHL contracts to national teams for the purposes of participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics.

The AHL sent a memo to its 30 clubs saying players could only be loaned for Olympic participation from Feb. 5-26.

The Olympic men's hockey tournament runs from Feb. 9-25. Like the NHL, which is not having its players participate for the first time since 1994, the AHL does not have an Olympic break in its schedule.

The AHL's decision does not affect players assigned to that league on NHL one- or two-way contracts. No final decision has been made about those players.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly denied a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report that the league had told its 31 teams that AHL players could be loaned to play in the Olympics. It was an AHL memo sent at the direction of that league's board of governors.

When the NHL announced in April that it wouldn't be sending players to South Korea after participating in five consecutive Olympics, Andrews said the AHL was prepared for Canada, the United States and other national federations to request players.

"I would guess we're going to lose a fair number of players," Andrews said in April. "Not just to Canada and the U.S., but we're going to lose some players to other teams, as well. But we're used to that. Every team in our league has usually got two or three guys who are on recalls to the NHL, so it's not going to really change our competitive integrity or anything else."

The U.S. and Canada are expected to rely heavily on players in European professional leagues and college and major junior hockey to fill out Olympic rosters without NHL players.

Morning Skate: Why the Leafs for ex-Bruin Dominic Moore?


Morning Skate: Why the Leafs for ex-Bruin Dominic Moore?

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while all the while knowing that the North Remembers.

*Dominic Moore talks in this piece about his reasoning behind signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs and leaving behind the Bruins in the process. Moore was a solid fourth-line cog for the Black and Gold last season and a good signing for the B’s, so it will be a challenge for them to get the same kind of play from that spot this upcoming season from what we assume will be a younger player.

*Are the Carolina Hurricanes losing fans? As much as any franchise their crowds are completely dependent on how the team is playing. A good season and the Canes fans can be pretty good, but they simply don’t show up if the team isn’t good.

*Gary Bettman talks about a number of subjects at a meeting of all four major sports commissioners, including the challenges he’s had with the NHLPA since taking over the job.

*Part of the Dallas Stars comeback plan is improving the penalty kill, and that was behind some of their pickups this summer.

*The Hockey News is in the throes of the summertime, so today is the day they decided to rate the top 50 Russian hockey players of all time. I wonder if Dmitri Kvartalnov cracked the top-20. I’m expecting not.

*Ranking the best plays in Philadelphia Flyers history is another time-honored summertime activity. Where can I rank the Flyers getting swept by the Bruins on their way to the Stanley Cup in 2011?

*For something completely different: Dude, stop invading all of our television shows. The Game of Thrones appearance will be the most egregious, but Ed Sheeran is also going to pop up in the Simpsons.