Morning Skate: Lady Gaga getting in B's way

Morning Skate: Lady Gaga getting in B's way

By JoeHaggerty

BOSTON If things go awry this week for the Bruins, the only place to slap some blame will be in the direction ofandrogynous Madonna wannabee, Lady Gaga. Not only is she liberally lifting sheet music from Madonnas Express Yourself to create her own new brand of pop music, but she also brought her overwrought theatrics toMontreals Bell Centre on Monday night.On its own that would be no sweat, but its problematic when coupled with the fact it forced Game 6 to Tuesday night at the Bell Centre --and creates a potential back-to-back situation for Game 7 on Wednesday night at TD Garden.It would appear given the schedule of Rush and Lady Gaga concerts at the Habs'barnthat perhaps Montreal Canadiens ownership banked on getting home ice for the first round of the playoffs when booking dates, and hence the scheduling snafu. Either way it doesnt appear Bs fans will be joyfully warblingBad Romance or Alejandro if the Bruins get into a Game 7 situation with tired legs or weary minds."Blame it on Gaga" will become the order of the day but at least theres a Game 6 for the Bs to take care of business and renderthe situation moot. Either way the Bruins appear to be prepared for whatever scenario comes their way.I guess as a team right now, were not thinking about Game 7, said coach Claude Julien. Were thinking about Game 6. That is what is on our mind. That is what should be on our mind.We realize how important it is to come and play probably our best game of the series. Thats basically where our focus is right now. And just to talk about something else right now I dont think is the right approach. Its also a waste of energy and time. We have to focus on the moment. You hear a lot of coaches and you hear a lot of players talking about the moment, and thats what he have to focus on is the moment. The moment is tomorrow, us being ready to play game six.Its certainly not about letting Lady Gaga and her poker face get in the way.On to the links: The Globe and Mail has a rundown on Vancouver native Tom Gagliardi, the prospective new owner of the Dallas Stars. A nice job by home girl Mary Paoletti on Tim Thomas and the job he did to exorcise some postseason demons in Game 5 for the Bruins. It looks like the Penn State hockey program has found its ace-in-the-hole coach, and its a good hire. Habs and Bruins bloggers are getting together for some wagers on the series for charity, and its something everybody can still get involved in. Adrian Dater was ahead of the curve on starting Cory Schneider over Roberto Luongo in the Vancouver playoff run, and it makes plenty of sense. Hockey News scribe Ken Campbell takes on a few subjects: crazy playoff comebacks and the ageless Teemu Selanne continuing to shine in the playoffs. Unfortunately the Nashville Predators were just a little brighter. Heres the Predlines blog with a History Will Be Made commercial featuring the Nashville Predators. Ill admit it wasnt something I thought Id ever see unless it featured Barry Trotz and his amazing twitching eyebrows. Elliotte Friedman has 30 brilliant thoughts on his CBC blog, and breaks down the Roberto Luongo in the thoughtful manner he does just about everything. SI.coms Stu Hackel says that its about time people starting taking the Nashville Predators and Smashville a little more seriously. Fear the Puck blog has the short history of where the term Black Aces originated. I was in as soon as I read Eddie Shores name.Joe Haggerty can be reached at Joe on Twitter at http:twitter.comHackswithHaggs

Video: Chara hits practice goalie in groin

Video: Chara hits practice goalie in groin

BRIGHTON, Mass -- Life as an emergency practice goalie can be pretty rough.

Take, for instance, Mass State Trooper Keith Segee, who has suited up a couple of times for the Boston Bruins this season during times of need, and did exactly that during Wednesday’s optional practice for the Black and Gold.

Segee got caught with a Zdeno Chara cranked slap shot right in the family jewels, and then had to walk…er, crawl it off like any normal human being would after getting bombed by a guy that can shoot it 108-mph.

“He’s got the hardest shot of anybody I’ve ever seen,” said Segee, with a smile. “I had to take two or three laps around the rink after that one and skate it off.”

Give Chara credit for moving right over to Segee and giving him a tap on the backside for skating it off, and risking life, limb and perhaps a lot more to stop a few pucks for the Black and Gold.

Segee played at Revere High and Salem State College before joining the Mass State Police, and got the emergency gig through Bruins goalie coach Bob Essensa when Boston needed a practice goalie at the end of last week in Tuukka Rask’s absence.

Let’s hope Segee is okay at this point, or the Bruins captain could be looking at a few more moving violations in his future. 

Wednesday, March 29: Oilers back in the playoffs

Wednesday, March 29: Oilers back in the playoffs

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while gearing up for the last couple of weeks.

*The Edmonton Oilers will return to the Stanley Cup playoffs this season as it looks like Canada will be well-represented once again after last year’s absence.

*Let’s meet the man behind the push to bring the NHL to China, and introduce the game to billions of people.

*Eric Staal is enjoying his second act with the Minnesota Wild, and even better he’s totally flourishing there as well.

*Let’s hear it for the US Women’s team that stuck to their guns and got an unprecedented deal with USA Hockey that will allow them to focus on winning for the next four years.

*PHT writer and FOH (Friend of Haggs) Jason Brough has Steve Stamkos “really close” to a return for the Tampa Bay Lightning, in a concerning development for the Boston Bruins’ playoff hopes.

*Apparently things are getting a little heightened with the Los Angeles Kings as some of their prominent players skipped a media session in Calgary.

*For something completely different: Let’s hear it for the best news of the day, the Cash Cab is coming back.