Milbury looks at the favorites in Olympic hockey

Milbury looks at the favorites in Olympic hockey
February 7, 2014, 7:15 am
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Will the accomodations in Sochi, Russia, that journalists - and some athletes - have made famous with their complaints about have an impact on the Olympic hockey tournament? Mike Milbury thinks so.

"I think for the North American, spoiled, luxury-expectant hockey player, it's going to be a change. Vancouver was a walk in the park compared to this," Milbury, who will also be in Sochi as an NBC hockey analyst, told Michael Felger on Cross Check. "There are going to be some interesting scenes, whether it's food, beds, whether it's being heard on audio and however that's used. I think they'll be some uneasy athletes and I think it's going to effect performance."

Still, Milbury sees a North American team as the favorite. And it's not Team USA.

"One and two is Canada and Sweden for me," he said. "I think the Americans should be fighting the Russians for a bronze medal. Could they get back to the gold medal game [as they did in 2010, losing to Canada]? Yes, but everything's going to have to click like it did in Vancouver."