Lucic 'not sorry' about handshake-line comments

Lucic 'not sorry' about handshake-line comments
May 16, 2014, 2:15 pm
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BOSTON -- Usually, Milan Lucic will apologize when he feels he's wrong.

So the fact that the Bruins left winger isn’t budging off what he said to Dale Weise and Alexei Emelin during the Game 7 handshake line tells you how he feels.

"I'm not sorry that I did it," he said Friday when the issue was raised again as the Bruins packed their belongings and prepared to disperse for the summer.

The Bruins power forward was still steaming after losing Game 7 to the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night, and essentially threatened that he was going get Weise and Emelin next season. Weise alluded to it in his comments to the media, and the video lip readers figured out colorful, menacing words Lucic used as message-sending in the traditional handshake line following defeat.

"It's unfortunate, especially because a lot of what's said on the ice, stays on the ice," said Lucic. "Unfortunately, that code is broken, and it's unfortunate it blows up to what it is now."

But, again, he's not backing down.

"I'm not the first guy to [make such comments in the handshake line, and I won't be] the last guy to do it," he said.

“I'm a guy that plays on emotion and this is a game of emotions. Sometimes you make decisions out of emotions that might not be the best ones. I didn't make the NHL because I accepted losing, or accepted failure. That got me to this point and made me the player that I am. Other than that, there's not much more to it.”

Lucic admitted that if he knew his words would go public, he "probably" wouldn't have said anything. But he repeated that he's not the only player who's ever done such a thing.

“I can't take back what I said, so I'm not apologizing for what was said in the handshake," he said. "It's unfortunate that what was said on the ice gets leaked out, and gets blown out of proportion."

It's also clear that if the roles had been reversed, and Weise had been the one doing the talking, Lucic wouldn't have said anything to reporters.

"I deal with my problems myself, and that's the way I go about my business. I don't think much of the guys that feel the need to go and do something like that.”

Clearly, then, Lucic doesn’t think much of Weise.