Krejci surprised by fights


Krejci surprised by fights

By Joe Haggerty Bruins Insider Follow @hackswithhaggs
BOSTON -- David Krejci doesnt get mixed up in many physical entanglements.

Sure, he threw a little beating on Mike Cammalleri last season at the Bell Centre and got the favor returned to him by Benoit Pouliot at TD Garden. But Krejci is on the ice to make saucer passes and score points, and isnt looking to pick any fights with other players.

So it surprised Krejci as much as anybody else when 23-year-old Islanders center Justin DiBenedetto attacked him after the Bs center threw a shove at another Isles player. DiBenedetto immediately tackled Krejci at the bottom of a pile of players in an old-fashioned preseason brouhaha, and the Bs center was left to wonder what happened afterward. It sounded as if Krejci was channeling his best Pedro Martinez impersonation when he railed on about Karim Garcia following their Red SoxYankees playoff battles.

I dont know who that kid is, but obviously hes battling for a spot on the roster I understand that, said Krejci. I dont want to comment on that. I dont think Ive ever played against him before, so well see what happens.

I had my helmet on and my gloves fell - a jump from behind. That was it. He fell on me. I didnt have a chance. I dont want to fight in the first preseason game. Come onits the first game back. I want to get my timing. I dont even know who the guy is to tell you the truth.

Krejci has hit with five minutes for fighting while DiBenedetto was slapped with a fighting major, an instigator penalty, two minutes for instigating while wearing a visor on his helmet and a game misconduct. The Islanders prospect finished things up on a roughed up edge for Krejci, but the Czech Republic center looked sharp in his first preseason action.

Krejci and Lucic began the game skating with 19-year-old right wing Jared Knight and ended the contest with Benoit Pouliot on their right side, but it was the two regular first liners that ended up shining. Krejci potted a power play goal when he pounced on a Lucic rebound in the second period and calmly flipped it over Isles goaltender Rick DiPietro. It was the kind calm, confident score that makes it very easy to see Krejci meeting his goal of scoring 20-something goals this season.

This game was more about timing, getting your timing back and getting a little chemistry back, said Krejci. You could tell we havent played hockey in a while in three months. So the timing was a little off and stuff, but Im kind of glad in the first period I had two of my passes messed up.

Im glad I did that so I can learn from it. Now I can focus just to be better and better every night.

Krejci should reach his goal of getting better and better every single night as long as he doesnt run into any more anonymous kids looking to make a name for themselves at his expense.

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