Krejci: Comments on Bettman did not reflect on Bruins


Krejci: Comments on Bettman did not reflect on Bruins

David Krejci made headlines two days ago when he said during an interview in his native Czech language that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman was a shame for the entire hockey world and treats us like animals".

The Bruins' playmaking center and Czech Republic native also took issue with the large pay raise to 8 million per season that Bettman has enjoyed during the last seven years of the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement.

But Krejci -- who is entering a three-year, 15.75 million deal with the Bruins despite never scoring 25 goals or topping 73 points during his five NHL seasons -- clarified his comments in an e-mail exchange with, and wanted to set the record straight on those inflammatory things said in the heat of a postgame dressing room.

I regret my recent comments about the lockout which were made flippantly in the locker room after our last game. I did not intend for them to be recorded, said Krejci. Specifically, I have been treated very well by the Boston Bruins and wish to confirm that my comments should not reflect on my club in any way. I regret any inference to the contrary.

One thing Krejci didnt do was deny the words or claim that something was lost in translation as some other European players have in recent weeks (see Michael Nuevirth).

So give the Bs center for at least taking accountability for some words said in haste. Krejci went to say that hes enjoying his time playing for HC Pardubice in his native Czech Republic, but I want to be back in the NHL soon.

That desire to return to North America was clear in his pointed remarks about Bettman and the NHL over the weekend.

WATCH: Bruins' Backes battles with Benn right after opening faceoff


WATCH: Bruins' Backes battles with Benn right after opening faceoff

Now THIS is old-time hockey!

There's bad blood between the Bruins' David Backes and the Stars' Jamie Benn that goes back a long way, most recently in last spring's Dallas-St. Louis playoff series when Backes was still with the Blues. They met again today -- and the ungodly (hockey) hour of 11:30 a.m. Dallas time -- for a nationally televised game between Backes' new team, the Bruins, and the Stars.

And it didn't take long for the two to renew acquaintances . . .

Haggerty's Morning Skate: Two AHL teams recreate Slap Shot on the movie's anniversary

Haggerty's Morning Skate: Two AHL teams recreate Slap Shot on the movie's anniversary

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while so glad to see Dave Strader getting the play-by-play call in this afternoon’s national NBC broadcast of Stars and Bruins from Dallas.
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-- Antoine Vermette acknowledges his wrongdoing in making a statement about his 10-game suspension for slashing an official, but feels like the punishment was too severe.
-- Don Cherry wishes a happy 40th anniversary to Slap Shot while wearing a Charleston Chiefs jersey as he hosts Coaches Corner.
-- Speaking of Slap Shot, what an Old Time Hockey fight between the AHL's Iowa Wild and Chicago Wolves. It spilled into the hallway afterward . . . that’s when things get real.

-- I've been asked multiple times about the white Boston hat David Pastrnak is always wearing in the Bruins dressing room, so here it is.

 -- Here’s all the Dallas Stars info you need ahead of this afternoon’s 11:30 a.m. local start in Dallas for the Stars and Bruins.

-- PHT writer Cam Tucker has Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning indicating that the mumps outbreak for his team won’t impact the trade deadline.
-- For something completely different: the headline seems a little click baity to me, but I’ll read about anything involving Homer Simpson and the Baseball Hall of Fame.