Jagr returns to Boston after 'good run' with B's

Jagr returns to Boston after 'good run' with B's
October 26, 2013, 1:30 pm
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It’s bound not to create as much of a stir as the first returns of guys like Tim Thomas and Tyler Seguin to Boston this season, but there were plenty of questions about Jaromir Jagr’s first game against the Bruins following his two plus month stint with the Black and Gold last season.

Guys like Chris Kelly are certainly happy to see the future Hall of Famer back in the building, even if it’s as one of the New Jersey Devils leading scorers with two goals and seven points in 10 games.

“In the summer I saw that he signed in New Jersey. That’s great. He’s got a lot of milestones he can achieve in New Jersey this year, and that’s pretty special to a guy like that,” said Kelly. “I got his jersey when we played with him last year, and I asked him to sign it. He’s a future Hall of Famer, and that’s pretty special to play with a guy like that.”

It’s been well-documented Jagr didn’t manage a single goal during last year’s 22 game playoff run with the Bruins after being dealt over from Dallas, but he still made an impact on the B’s. The future Hall of Famer was happy to hear about the kind words from his former teammates, but couldn’t resist injecting a little bit of his famous sense of humor as well.

“They’re not going to say bad things with a camera in their face,” said a smiling Jagr. “I met a lot of good people, and a lot of good players. We had a pretty good run. Maybe with a little more luck we would have been holding the Cup. They were good people, and at my age that’s very important.

“It was a good two months and the playoffs. Tuukka [Rask] was unbelievable in the playoffs, and I always said the Bruins play the best defense. They were hungry and they wanted to win. [Bergeron] and me, we had a good playoff. [Krejci] line played great in the playoffs. But the biggest surprise for me was [Milan Lucic]. I honestly didn’t know how good he was, but he’s a huge part of that hockey club.”

Where did the Game 7 comeback win over Toronto, and conversely the Game 6 loss to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final, rank in the highs and lows of Jagr’s 20 plus year career?

“Whatever we did to Toronto, then Chicago did it to us. Most of the time, stuff like that comes around. The Game 7 against Toronto was probably the most surprising win…in the last 10 minutes of a Game 7? I don’t remember any games like that I played on with a team in the last 20 years. That might happen during the regular season or first game of the playoffs, but not during a Game 7.

“That’s special. That doesn’t happen very often. Especially when you’re dead and everybody is thinking about it as the last game of the season. Then you score three goals, and you win in overtime. That’s special.”

For a 41-year-old that’s banked nearly 700 goals and over 1,000 assist in a Hall of Fame-worthy NHL career, it’s always saying something when he experiences something on the ice for the very first time. But, then again, this Bruins team has a way of making history with moments like that both good and bad.