Haggerty's Morning Skate: Saturday, June 14

Haggerty's Morning Skate: Saturday, June 14
June 14, 2014, 3:15 pm
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*Really interesting look at “40-year-old virgin” Steve Carrell, who chats with Canadian hockey lover Tom Green about his goaltending career, and actually sounds like somebody that was/is a student of the art.

*The closing montage to the final Hockey Night in Canada broadcast on CBC, a fitting piece of closure for a group of talented people that have done a phenomenal job.

*Marc Divver provides some offseason hockey notes with a focus on the Providence Bruins.

*PHT writer Ryan Dadoun has the Dallas Stars GM hoping that his AHL head coach lands a head coaching gig in the NHL, and the word is that he’s in the running for the head job in Vancouver.

*Some pretty cool Stanley Cup cartoons now that the Los Angeles Kings have been crowned Cup winners.

*A look at the man behind the creative, funny, snarky team twitter account for the Los Angeles Kings.

*A group of ice girls tell some horror stories from their experiences cleaning the ice shavings off NHL surfaces. Life apparently isn’t as easy or joyous as they usually make it look.

*For something completely different: Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill give some instructions on the basics of embellishment and diving with the World Cup of soccer about to take over for the next few weeks.