Haggerty's Morning Skate: Saturday, Dec. 7

Haggerty's Morning Skate: Saturday, Dec. 7
December 7, 2013, 12:30 pm
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·    Paul Stewart talks high-sticking calls while he was an NHL referee, and debunks the “urban legend” that Ray Bourque used to carry around a blood capsule in his mouth ready for usage to get an extra two minutes on the power play.
·    Pretty good rip job from Winnipeg Free Press columnist Gary Lawless on the “Atlanta Association” of leadership with the Jets that doesn’t hold each other accountable enough for poor effort. Interesting that Lawless includes Blake Wheeler on this list of players, but leaves Mark Stuart off the list of five former Atlanta Thrashers suspects.
·    Damien Cox writing about the Toronto Maple Leafs is always something I’m a little interested in given the color/background he brings to it.
·    Here FOH (Friend of Haggs) Adrian Dater shares exactly what his big break was in becoming the hockey voice in Colorado that he is these days. This is exactly how it works: I had a similar experience with the news that the Flyers would be the team taking on the Bruins in the Winter Classic, when everybody else thought it was going to be the Washington Capitals.
·    Justin Bourne says that sometimes NHL fighters fight for selfish reasons, and not for the good of the team. Yes, and sometimes NHL goal scorers are also selfish with the puck, and not playing for the good of the team. Just like everybody else on a team.
·    Old friend Benoit Pouliot appears to be on the road to being scratched, per the Pro Hockey Talk Boys.
·    John Buccigross pens an interesting column about the love that it takes to engage in the world of hockey fighting, and he uses Shawn Thornton as one of his shining examples. This is my recommended read of the day. And it’s not just because my man “Bucci” professed his love to me on twitter early this morning.
·    Ron Burgundy recreates a number of famous sports calls on the Dan Patrick Show, including the Miracle on Ice. Pretty good stuff.
·    For something completely different: Adam Kaufman gives us his hot takes from around the world of sports, and I didn’t just link this because he gives me props along the way.