Giardi unfiltered: Trade Lucic; Pedroia contract 'dumbest'

Giardi unfiltered: Trade Lucic; Pedroia contract 'dumbest'
June 4, 2014, 7:30 am
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In the news department, an anchor can't really speak his mind.

On Sports Tonight, Mike Giardi was able to speak his mind.

One topic was Milan Lucic's future with the Boston Bruins.

"Milan Lucic has cement shoes." said Giardi. "I know he's a nice, little compliment and he gives you that 'Big Bad Bruin' attitude. But he's the guy, if I'm Peter Chiarelli in the offseason, the first name I dangle is his name."

"I think they need some speed and some creativity to finish with David Krejci."

Giardi didn't stop at Lucic though. He had much more to get off his chest.

On Dustin Pedroia:
"People in the news room know this: at the time that he signed that contract to $110 million dollars that takes him through 2021, I said that is the dumbest thing ever. You're giving a guy a big-time reward - he's a good player, he's not a great player. He won the MVP a few years back. His home runs went from 21, 15, 9, he has two this year. You know who he comps with this year? Ben Zobrist and Matt Carpenter in St. Louis."

"$110 million, he's going to be playing until he's 38? It made no sense at the time why they did this and I'm telling you he's not worth it. He's a nice player but he isn't a $110 million player."

On the Patriots signing tight end Jermichael Finley:
"I see no downside to this whatsoever other than the fact that he could get paralyzed on the football field. You know what I saw in OTAs? I saw three tight ends work out. [James] Devlin was one, Hooman (Michael Hoomanawanui) was another, they've got nothing there. [Justin] Jones the 6-foot-8 kid everybody's talking about but he can't run. They need some talent at that position because you know Rob Gronkowski is going to take his time coming back and then when he does come back there's probably a good chance he gets hurt again."

On Jimmy Garoppolo:
"I watched a ton of tape of this kid . . . I didn't look at Manziel, but I looked at Bridgewater, I looked at Mettenberger, I looked at McCaron, and I looked at [Garoppolo]. Far and away the best in the bunch. Not even close. Quick release, has the touch on the throws, smart in the pocket, can move his feet. The one problem he's got for him is he didn't play at the Division 1 level so he's going to have to adjust to that speed, the National Football League. They had a first round grade on this guy. They believe in this guy. And they also believe, by the way, no matter what they say Tom Brady is not getting better."

Giardi says the QB controversy begins in two years.