Gasper: Tweets not reflective of Boston fans

Gasper: Tweets not reflective of Boston fans
May 3, 2014, 6:30 am
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Chris Gasper joins Felger & Mazz to discuss the racist Tweets directed at P.K. Subban after he dominated the Bruins in the Canadiens' double-overtime Game 1 win.

"In terms of the stuff that was Tweeted out, I don’t think that reflects the majority of the fan base," says Gasper. "I do think that’s a fringe thing. 

“It’s unfortunate that that gets attached to the fan base because I think, again that is not reflective of the fan base overall. But guess what, for the city of Boston, you lose the benefit of the doubt when you have the type of history that this city unfortunately has when it comes to race relations.”  

The city's history isn't pretty, but Twitter has unquestionably given a mouthpiece to a larger segment of the population, including some who would be better seen than heard.

Gasper puts it best when he asks, "How stupid do you have to be to put those types of viewpoints out on Twitter?"