Felger: 'Stop trying to hit' the Canadiens

Felger: 'Stop trying to hit' the Canadiens
May 5, 2014, 7:30 am
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The Bruins gave the Canadiens numerous power plays in the first two games of the series. 

Michael Felger doesn't want the Bruins engaging the Canadiens like they have so far in the series.

"Stop trying to hit [the Canadiens]" said Michael Felger, "They draw penalties like no other team. A lot of greasiness going on, as usual. The refs can't decide what's a dive and what's not."

Bob Beers has no problem with the Bruins' aggressiveness. 

"They just have to keep their composure." said Beers, "They still play physical, they still do the things they are doing. But, just keep your composure if things don't go your way a couple of times."

Felger knows the Bruins will have to be careful as the series continues.

"You can't rely on the refs to do a good job, that's what I'm saying." says Felger.