Felger: Penguins players 'run the roost'

Felger: Penguins players 'run the roost'
March 26, 2014, 11:30 pm
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The Penguins have lost five of seven, ceding the top spot in the East to the Bruins.

The Bruins' top rival for Eastern supremacy, the Pittsburgh Penguins, have lost five of their past seven, while the Bruins have won 12 of 13 and taken over the top spot in the conference.

Do the Bruins no longer have to worry about the Pens, their opponent last spring in the conference finals?

On Arbella Early Edition, Michael Felger says no, but acknowledges there are problems in Pittsburgh.

"Hell no, I wouldn't disregard them, but the problems there are for real," Felger said. "A very talented team, [Sidney] Crosby, [Evgeni] Malkin, etc., but the players run the roost there. I used to be a big fan of [coach] Dan Bylsma. I've sort of soured on him signifcantly. He's just become Crosby's boy, Crosby's bobo. Unless it's Wayne Gretzky, unless it's a real special case, you can't let the players run the roost...When you leave it up to Sid the Kid's that's what you get."