Felger: Habs in Bruins' heads

Felger: Habs in Bruins' heads
May 16, 2014, 9:00 am
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The dust is still settling after the Bruins were defeated by the Canadiens in Game 7.

The Canadiens have given the Bruins fits over the years, but Michael Felger believes there is more to this specific series..

"I think part of it is, the Canadiens are also in the Bruins' heads." said Felger, "I saw the Bruins do things that's just beneath them like the water squirting nonsense. The stuff at the end of game six… I thought it was totally unnecessary."

"Somehow the Bruins still have it in their heads that they can still push around the Montreal Canadiens." said Felger, "When the fact is, Montreal is not intimidated by you at all. In fact, when you do this crap, it plays to their advantage."