Dupont: What would you do if you were Chiarelli?

Dupont: What would you do if you were Chiarelli?
June 25, 2014, 8:30 am
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The Bruins have a number of questions to answer during the offseason.

Kevin Paul Dupont joined Sports Tonight to play general manager. 

The first question is Jarome Iginla's status. The winger might have earned a multi-year deal after his 30 goal season.

"What this could come down to, and people won't want to hear this," said Dupont. "Do they move Marchand? If they move Marchand, maybe they would keep him. I don't like that given what the guys age is, given how he underperformed in round two."

If a deal can't be reached with Iginla, how does the team vill the void on the first line?

"You got to get Eriksson to move up," said Dupont. "If Eriksson performs the way he did in Dallas, yes, I think that is a better first line. The issue is, what happens with the second line?"