Conference Call: Roster changes for the B's and C's?

Conference Call: Roster changes for the B's and C's?
June 16, 2014, 7:30 am
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During the conference call on Sports Sunday, Michael Felger brought in some guests to discuss the future of the Bruins Celtics rosters.

D.J. Bean doesn't see much of a change for the Bruins roster.

"They still should be considered one of the best teams in the NHL with everybody healthy," said Bean. " [Chiarelli] thinks if Dennis Seidenberg were healthy they would have had a much better chance going deep into the playoffs this year. 

"I think that he hopes they can get Jarome Iginla back. If they do, then they probably don't feel too concerned about doing anything aside from maybe shaking up their fourth line."

As for the Celtics, Insider Sherrod Blakely believes the future No. 6 pick has already worked out for the team. 

"If they're going to keep the sixth pick, then yeah, we have seen the guy," said Blakely. "I think this is going to come down between Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon and also Julius Randle. Of course, unless one of the big four in this draft drops."