Bruins wrap up Vermont team-bonding trip Tuesday

Bruins wrap up Vermont team-bonding trip Tuesday
October 1, 2013, 6:30 am
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The Bruins have tried out different locations for their team-building activities over the last six or seven years.

They’ve returned to Vermont this September after branching out to other areas over the last couple of seasons, but some things remain very much the same: the trip always comes at the end of training camp with only those on the NHL opening night roster invited to participate, and it’s always something that the Bruins players have come to look forward to every year.

“I think it helps. It seems like every time we come back from it the team gets a little closer, especially with a few new faces in the locker room,” said Milan Lucic. “It’s good to hang out with the guys in a different setting outside the hockey rink, and talk about other things aside from hockey.

“It’s a chance for us to create that team chemistry and team bond, and make it stronger. That’s been a big part of our success over the last few years.”

The trip normally consists of some kind of Outward Bound program or ropes course, and has also included orienteering groups at some of the past team-building trips. The important thing to the Bruins organization isn’t the exact activities, but the way it gets every player pulling from the same rope.

Perhaps the best team-building trip in recent memory was the B’s foray into Europe three years ago when they played the Belfast Giants in Northern Ireland before opening the season against the Phoenix Coyotes in Prague. This particular team-bonding adventure will end on Tuesday with an afternoon practice in Waterbury, Vermont after two days full of activities on Sunday and Monday.

Then it’s full speed ahead for Thursday night’s opening night showdown against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the start to another 82-game regular season.